Sunday, May 27, 2007

Challenge #10: Circles of Life

Circles of Life

This challenge is simply the hardest to beat. It revolves around three games, rotaZion, rings, and particles. It's based on circles. The points challenge (covered later) is worth 60 points, making it the highest point challenge ever.

The challenge ends on May 31st, so get your gaming going. =D

Although everyone knows its the card you want, so if you want Ubuntu, simply read along.

Score 50,000 points in rotaZion (hard mode), survive 120 seconds in Particles, and score 65,000 points in Rings to unlock the Ubuntu card! (Note: You MUST submit your score once your game is finished in Rings!)

Score 50,000 points in rotaZion

Now rotaZion has plenty of glitches for the tainted gamer, but.. not for my tastes.

The easiest way to get this is to simply avoid the mines, and when a shield comes up grab it, and run into as many mines as possible. This will allow you to rack up points for destroying the mines. Don't forget to collect the bubbles or Pixtiz coins either.

Score 65,000 points in Rings

I personally thought rings was easy, although I know plenty that had trouble. So I recommend attempting to stack all the rings in order to obtain perfect scores each round. Although if you find yourself in a crunch don't hesitate to get rid of a few rings instead of figuring out how to get a perfect. A perfect in rings is (in order of bottom up) green, red, blue, then yellow. You get 1000 points for each perfect which is great, and then every round you get bonus points when perfect.

Survive for 120 seconds in Particles

Easily the hardest one, particles is a simple avoidance game, although more and more balls arrive as you play, so the game becomes exponentially harder as it goes on. You may attempt to use specific strategies though. One I found useful is sticking the ball in a corner taking your mouse out of the flash window then moving it in at a different spot when a ball is about to collide. Either that or you could right-click on the window to pause your ball, then right-click anywhere else thats open to easily maneuver away from other balls.

Now the Circle of Death challenge is alot harder to do, simply the hardest combination of games ever to perform. Although if you use the strategys for the games posted above you should have no problem.

Circle of Death:

Score 100,000 points in rotaZion
Survive for 240 seconds in Particles
Score 130,000 points in Rings

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