Monday, May 28, 2007

Review #2: Kongregate Racing

A game that broke through bounds by any other Kongregate game. Kongregate racing is quite honestly a pinnacle in flash gaming.

Kongregate Racing
Average Rating (as of May 28, 2007): 3.98
By: Jiggmin

Description: Race against online competitors in real time. It’s something like bumper cars in a crazy death maze. :)

My Review:
Simply put this game, is quite possibly the greatest multiplayer game to grace the pages of kongregate so far. It features multiple rooms, and can interact with other Kongregate members. If you aren't a member you can choose your name and display picture.

The sound in the game is adequate, it involves simple sound effects.

The game itself is extremely simple to play, as all you have to do is click a room, press play and use the directional pad to move your bubble which houses your icon. There are also hazards and special blocks you must avoid in the game. Such as spike blocks, glue blocks, bounce blocks, invisble blocks, and break-away boxes. There are also speed pads.

The rooms are seperated by difficulty and speciality, such as the level Hulk-Smash is a level that contains mostly break-away boxes. So you feel like you actually have to smash through them.

Game Awards
Runner-Up: Week of May 8th

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Anonymous said...

Well, It's a bit hard and 80% easy for me