Thursday, June 7, 2007

Review #3; Castlewars

This title, is another multiplayer game hitting Kongregate by storm. It is a turn based strategy game that uses multiple kinds of cards, resources, and units.

Average Rating: 4.10
By: m0rkeulv

Description: Casltewars is a turn based card game where your goal is to be the first to build a 100 storey castle, you also win by destroying your opponents castle.

My Review:

Well Castle Wars is the newest edition to Kongregate's arsenal of online games. This game bases the play on cards. Which actually works out really well. It offers a single player, two player, and net play options.

A word about the net play, it occasionally is too big and goes down, although its alright because playing with others is wonderful. The game's built in net chat is mostly vulgar. This is a small part that makes the net play seem sour.

The gameplay is nice encompassing resource management and card strategy. The cards are random and it allows for simple paced card gameplay. Some cards come more than others and you'll quickly see which ones.

Overall I enjoy this game, playing a game every day it seems. The gameplay is addictive and it shows a good appreciation for flash games and what they can do. I absolutely love this game.

I personally recommend this game to anyone.

Game Awards
Winner of May 31st weekly contest, thanks Sylicas

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