Sunday, June 17, 2007

Challenge #13: Generic Challenge

*Note* this is a new style for the challenges posts that will be adopted for the future challenges

Generic Challenge
For this week's challenge, score [insert simultaneously too easy and too difficult number here] points in [insert name of defense game here] to unlock the [insert name of card lacking boobage to elicit further complaints since end of Amazon series] card!

Games Included:

It’s a survival shooter, a turret defense game, it’s so generic it’s unique!
This bad-boy gives you 8 different games in one, with a ton of options to deliver a unique experience every time you play

The Challenges

*Note* ~ The scoring guidelines in Generic Defense Game is
((# of days) * 5000) + (# of points earned)

A Bug's DeathScore 30,000 points in Picnic Panic.

Picnic Panic is simply another turret defense game, in it you will always want to buy drone turrets around your defense. As long as the game is on easy you should be able to do this as you won't truly need to upgrade your initial weapon at all. (Last for 6 days)

Axe a Ninja Score 40,000 points in Ninja Storm.

Axe a Ninja is a shooter style of gameplay. in this you have a katana which is extremely potent. I would suggest saving your points and just moving around alot and slicing ninjas. Unless you'd like to buy possibly a UZI and keep your distance and keep moving. (Last for 8 days)

Fall of the Machines Score 40,000 points in Techno Terror.

Techno Terror, in this one you must protect John Connor, so I would recommend sticking around him. Getting the UZI first also helps alot. You'll be plowing through the robots. Just remember to keep close to your defense. You don't want anything coming from behind. (Last for 8 days)


You've just acheived the Deadly Poison card, the first ever equip card in the upcoming Kongregate trading card game.

60 Points Harder Challenge

[insert randomly enthusiastic and witty comment about this challenge being more difficult here] [wish player good luck or painful death, pending mood at time of challenge launch]

Survival of the Fittest Score 100,000 points in Ultimate Survival.

This ones a shooter, so what I recommend is keep moving, and save up for the UZI then the Rifle, then the Minigun. This mode is one of the hardest. Keep moving as fast as you can, while strafing and shooting. This one might take you a few tries, (Highly recommend easy) (last for 20 days)

Defend Your Defense Score 50,000 points in Ultimate Defense.

Alright so another defense game, in this one I recommend setting up your drones first, get a couple then buy the machine gun upgrade, finish off your drones and then worry about uypgrading our weapon from there. Place the drones in between you and the flag. Also you want one drone below your turret so that way it will distract some attacks to you. (last 10 days)


You've just acheieved 60 points!

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