Friday, June 22, 2007

Challenge #14: Technicolor Migraine Challenge

Technicolor Migraine Challenge

Psychedelic colors and cranial torment are the themes of this week’s fun-filled challenge of suffering! Play LightSprites and 3D Logic to unlock the Death Mask card.

Games Included:
Rain colorful orbs across the land to sprout happy little dancing people and animals.
It’s kind of like the Disney World ride “It’s a Small World” combined with crack.

3D LOGIC – Fascinating logical game by Alexei Matveev from Minsk. Try it to test your IQ level!

The Challenges

Sweet 16Complete level 16 in 3D Logic.
Alright so 3D Logic, is quite simply a game where you connect the dots, in a Rubix cube fashion. Its truly hard to come up with any basic strategy. Although you can search google for solutions, you could truly prove your mindset by doing it all by yourself. Although, if your ever stuck there are always places to find solutions.

Everybody DanceScore 12,000 points in normal mode of, uh, normal mode in LightSprites.
In Lightsprites you gotta match the ball color with the hole in the ground and create people. Simple sounding as it is this game can get extremely challenge. I personally recommend using the hotkeys instead of always going up and clicking the color of the ball, remember
  1. Red
  2. Purple
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Orange
  7. Multiball

Now a word about the Multiball, its best to use this in dire situations only, such as when a platform has more than one color on it, or when there is alot of platforms coming up everywhere. Save these trust me.


You've just acheived the death mask card. Hmm dark magic, sounds interesting.

Brain Freeze Challenge
Prove that neither 3D Logic nor LightSprites can slow you down or break your stride! Master both to earn 50 points on Kongregate.

Over 9000 Score 15,000 points in challenge mode of LightSprites (score submission not required).

Basically all I have to say about this one is the same as before, and also.. try not to miss anything. As when the bar runs out, you run out. So it is very crucial that you get every spot with the right color. This one is extremely hard.

No GooglingComplete all 30 levels in 3D Logic without cheating. We can tell. Really.

I'm so sorry but with 3D logic its impossible to give a walthrough in a paragraph, but I'm sure you could find some way to get to the solution.


You've just acheive 50 points!

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