Thursday, June 28, 2007

Challenge #15: Pass Or Pass Not Challenge

Pass Or Pass Not Challenge
There is no try. Build your ring fortress to protect against the evil dragon and unlock the Quickening Powder card.

Games Included
Ring Pass Not
by SandhillGames
Fit the tiles in the magic ring to prevent the dragon from incinerating you.

The Challenge

50% is Passing – Complete level 15 in Ring Pass not on either mode
This one is going to be tough, just pay extremely close attention to your blocks given and also make sure to know that you can re-arrange tiles already in the circle. Use power-ups only when needed. Also bombing tiles is easily the best strategy when stuck. (Tiles for bombs are the little center pie pieces that dictate what you can put in there). Also just watch your connections, don't wanna be done and die when you mixed up a few blocks.

You've just acheived the Quickening Power card. Increasing speed.. its a good thing!

1 comment:

Jim Greer said...

I totally didn't realize you could rearrange blocks. Duh.

Thanks Fragment!