Saturday, June 9, 2007

First Walkthrough: Submachine 0: The Ancient Adventure

Submachine 0: The Ancient Adventure
A game by MateuszSkutnik

well first of all we click play of course =P

From here we go to the right..

Then click on the two objects displyed below

Then come back to the original screen and go to the left, pick up the next tongue displayed above

Put the two stone-tongues you got into the statues, Tongue1 goes in the right and Tongue2 goes in the left. Then click the center object and open the door to go in.

From here we go down

Then we take the lighter and light the lamp here, then click down

From here go left

Light the torch and then go down

Click the stone block on the left this will stop the spears one level above, so go up and then left

You'll find a room that looks like this, click the stone block and it will turn

Into this.. so from here go back right, then down, then right again.

Light the torch and then go down

Once you get down there, light the torch and you should come to a room like this, except the right side panel should be open. Go into it now

Take the jewel and repeat the procedure of turning the stone and coming down to this area and taking all the jewels until you get to the one on the left.

here we grab the last jewel (you should've already gotten the jewel on the bottom) and you'll notice in here there is a stone slab (bottom right corner), grab it

Go back up to the room with the spears then go two to the right, light the torch and then drag the slab over into the spears in this room.
Then go right. (p.s. Don't worry about going down here theres no point)

In here you put the jewels in the appropriate slots, with jewel 3 going in first, then 2 then 1. Once all three are in, go down and click the crystal.

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