Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Kongregate news update

1. No More Points Challenges, thats right after this week there are no more points challenges, yup its all in the forums, straight outta the horses err Gregs mouth

2. The new challenge released today, and its some trippy stuff =D, some lightsprites and cubes.. see the review on that on here too

3. Sylicas finally gave me a review I've been waiting for forever thats here too its on Tactical Assasin

4. Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 is now on Kong and its full of Kongregate Ad goodness!

5. I just noticed the featured developer changed to Jiggmin, jeez Greg you should tell people these things

6. I also found out that Kong has a facebook group from way way back ago

Yes today was a busy day at Kong for me =D


I updated my affiliates and btw does anyone know the url for the Free Rider Project by Meepo?

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