Thursday, June 7, 2007

Massive User Influx

Kongregate now serves up at least 1,000 users online during peak hours of the day. WIth occasional periods of time amounting to 2,000+ users.

This has caused Kongregate to create, well more chat rooms. These chat rooms include.

Digg Mark 1
Digg Mark 2
Castles Must Die!
The Castle

as well as other non-english chats.

Also has come the addition of the Help section of chat, in the upper right hand corner of chat there can be one of three buttons.

1: A bug, use this button to report a bug in the game
2: A Trophy, this button will allow you to instantly view high scores (this button will only be present in games that support high scores)
3. Question Mark, this allows you to view a quick FAQ of things in chat.

Questions Answered:

Whom am I chatting with right now?
What games are other users playing?
What do the icons mean?
How can I raise my level?
What else can I do from chat?

THese questons keep the comments away from the mods, thankfully.

1 comment:

MrcredsAlex said...

Well, I said and then they created on like 1 hour the are-you-bored chatroom, GIVE CREDIT! :D