Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekly Random Review #1: Triangles!

My Overall Rating: 4 stars
Good: A simple game, with some original ideas. Controlling two objects makes the game unique, challenging and fun.
Bad: Doesn't give much reason to play again, besides high-score. Both objects may be frustrating to maneuver.

Yay, my first post... and Random Review... well, anyway here it is:
The new HeroInteractive game features two "windows," each with a pink ball that
you have to operate! One with your mouse, one with the keyboard (w,a,s,d keys). All you have to do is avoid some triangles... Sounds simple, right? Not exactly. As the game progresses, yet more and more blue triangles fall from a certain part of each window. You could just stay on the far end of the window to avoid the objects more easily... but, what's this? Rotation? Both windows rotate all the objects inside of them (including you!), giving the game an unpredictable aspect to an otherwise flat game. You will find yourself playing this game again and again, trying to get the highest score possible. You may find that the music gets a little repetitive sometimes, but you can always turn it off in the setting menu.

Although I was looking for something a little more than red dots and blue triangles, this game pulls off a simple idea exceptionally, making an addicting game for the everyday user. So what are you waiting for? Go play Trianges!

Also, you should keep a lookout for a badge for this game soon. A 50,000 point impossible achievement? Who knows what greg might do!

UPDATE: Wow, that was fast! Just a couple hours after my review, There comes the Bloodsucking Shapes Challenge, features none other than Triangles (and a couple others). Also there is the Triangular Treachery Badge (hard - 30 points)

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Hero Interactive said...

Hey! Glad to see a review up here! You think I'd be awesome at my own game, but sooner or later it owns me every time.

I love this site! Keep up the great work everyone! I come back often!