Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dolphin Olympics 2 Badge Guide!

So you want to have you're dolphin doing flips in space? Well it sounds crazy but thats exactly what you will be doing if you want the new badges for dolphin Olympics.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJunior Olympian Badge
(easy - 5 points)

Score 50,000 points in Dolphin Olympics 2
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketShark Jumper Badge
(medium - 15 points)
Leap through the sky and travel 100 meters horizontally in Dolphin Olympics 2
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSuper Dolphin Cannonball Badge
(hard - 30 points)

Load up the timed mode (not Free Swim) and perform the ultimate bellyflop in Dolphin Olympics 2
This badge has more then 1 requirements to complete!

Start by traveling at a speed of at least 88 m/s – (It's how Ecco traveled through time!)

Then leap 150 meters into the air!

Finally, make a huge splash and displace 30 liters of water – (Note: These 3 tasks do NOT actually have to be performed in the same jump. In fact, they don't even need to be performed in the same game.)
*note* To get the big spash at the end make sure you land on your belly or back.

Because Words don't describe the strategy needed to get the badges I made you a video!


FRAGM3NT said...

I would suggest putting to land on your belly at the end.. that way you get the splash required for the Hard Badge

sprint45_45 said...

You forgot to the impossable badge

Dave said...

The Only Problem that I have with this guide is that it is more video than guide.

VertFire said...

@ Sprint45_45 I know I didnt put the Impossible badge because, I havent gotten it yet. I will update it when I do.

@Dave Whats wrong with a video guide?

Zoom said...

I´m sorry but I agree with Dave: that can hardly be considered a guide. If I just wanted to see a video of the game, I would have gone to YouTube. A video is just an accessory that enhances the guide. At least give some written hints and tips, such as landing on your belly. Not everyone has the necessary intuition to understand what they are supposed to do only by watching.

ExtremePopcorn said...

"Dave" was me. Zoom is right, and the other thing is that I don't see which arrow keys you're pressing, so what difference does this make to me?

supergamerz said...

Calm down Jeesh no it may not be a guide but it shows the working strategy to get the 3 checks for the badge and besides you have to be pretty low on the IQ scale to not understand how to do this

"How to Kongregate" said...
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Robb said...

It is a guide because it shows what's necessary to secure the necessary achievements. If you need more advice:

1. Angle your dolphin straight up, and once he clears the water, angle him straight down.
2. Once the dolphin hits the water, go back to step one.

It's a really easy game.

James said...
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Milskidasith said...
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HHP2K said...

Thanks for all the updates to the site =) The biggest problem I had with it was that the badges page was really, really slow.. it's all better now! =D Great work.

"How to Kongregate" said...

"How to Kongregate" is pleased to announce the best video tutorial guide on the impossible badge challenge to THE RESTAURANT ever so far you can hope to find on the internet! Best of all – it’s PURE! No cheats or hacks, or so it seems.

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It details the three practical phases you will need to pull the impossible badge off, with a wholehearted lot of text explanations. Definitely better than the miraculously lucky 233-million video!

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Anonymous said...

why the hell r u so proud of this video??? wtf?!? its only 6 million. your technique wont get u anywhere more than 10 million. you have to build up spead not by going up and down but horizontaly. just before the time goes up, jump out of the water vertically and travel as high as u can by tailsliding on the stars and jumping off then which will allow you to travel further than pluto. my personal record is 32million