Sunday, December 16, 2007

CC’s [New] Weekly Review; Santa Caught Christmas!

Santa Caught Christmas!

My rating: 4.5/5 (For the addiction factor)

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit, than with games? Sure… family is good, but games, games will always be there for you.

The premise of this game is that the elves are on STRIKE, shortly after making the presents; they then rigged up some tennis ball machines, and are now forcing Santa to catch ALL the gifts this year!

What a twist! So now, you have to control santa and catch as many gifts as you can, but be careful though… Santa can only do so much in one trip! He starts slowing down, and if you have him carry too many presents, other presents will start bouncing off!

This is one of those “addicting” type games, you know, the type you play to beat the highscore of a friend, and that’s what I like to do, beat down my friends high score list, unfortunately, this has never happened… oh well. :-/

The basic controls are somewhat generic, but they get the job done. Its all your arrow keys; ^ to make him jump, > to make him go right, <>

I haven’t found too much use for the jump, but you can try to catch up with some presents that way. As for the arrow keys, they are a little touchy, and react very quickly. So try to be able to sit down with the game for a couple rounds to get used to it.

Final Tip: Unload all your presents into the sleigh for bonus points, especially at the end.

Santa Caught Christmas!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and that you will hopefully enjoy the game!


r3p3nt said...

Rating seems a bit high for this type of game... *shrug*

crazycruiser said...

Well, one of my favorite type games are these little addictive ones with good art, that you play trying to beat your best score, and its short, so one mess-up doesn't = 30 minutes to get back there.

VertFire said...

hey Crazycrusier I just got 5th in all time, thats 1 below you! you're going down!

Sylicas said...

Hey, Fragm3nt edited my post.