Thursday, December 20, 2007

Challenge #Cake : Orange Hole.( + Portal Guide!)

PORTAL: The Flash Version

Guide for the Card and Badges

Orange Challenge
Half of a portal is just a hole, but completing half of Portal: The Flash Game will unlock the Mindreader's Chalice.
Complete Level 20 on Portal

Cakewalk Badge (easy – 5 points)
Complete level 5 under "Kongregate badge mode" in Portal: The Flash Version

Deceptive Dessert Badge(hard - 30 points)
Complete level 40 under "Kongregate badge mode" in Portal: The Flash Version

Portal Videos
Made by Nqkoi1 for his COCAK application

Congratulations you've achieved the Cakewalk badge and have come closer to getting the Mindreader's Chalice Card


Congratulations you've achieved the Mindreader's Chalice Card



The Rest are from Dazzer



Congratulations you've achieved the deceptive cake badge and beat Portal: The Flash Version
(Picture Guides coming soon!)

OMG you get cake...
go eat the cake u fools.


Dazzer said...

I did make a couple of videos of the last few 10 levels. Feel free.

Sylicas said...

Hey, who edited my post :(.

crazycruiser said...

Its very messed up right now Syl, your entire post is.

FRAGM3NT said...

I edited it =P, sorry if I took out anything.. just wanted the post to look more attractive

Nab said...

Fun things to type into console (non-kong mode):

die (or kill)




M-Dawg said...

Really good guide...


Nathaniel Edwards said...

nice guide, but I think he just got through level 32 on a glitch, he never actually got the energy orb into where it was supposed to go...

Zantier said...

you can put my video on the guide if you want of levels 31-40 =0 duno how much help it would be to people

"How to Kongregate" said...
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Anonymous said...

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"How to Kongregate" said...

Read "How to Kongregate: Portal: The Flash Version" for a more professional comment on this game!