Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Indestruc2Tank Badges

Indestruc2Tank Badges:

Xtreme Tanx (completed)Xtreme Tanx Badge (medium – 15 points)Complete "Enhanced" mode on "medium" difficulty in Indestruct2TankEnhanced mode completed – The achievement will be completed when all frequency upgrades are fully maxed.
Cliche Conquest (completed) Cliche Conquest Badge (medium – 15 points)
Follow the gripping tale of dirk danger through its completely unexpected ending in Adventure mode completed – Wait, so was Whizkid at home or in the balloon?

Tips on Xtreme Tanx Badge:

  • Unlike Adventure Mode which gives you fuel during hits and falling into ground, you have to beat the fuel limit as fast as possible by leveling up quick before it's too late.
  • When you level up, you can level up your enemies frequency (The chance it will appear).
  • To win, you must max every planes and miners to level 10
  • Upgrade everything to max in this manner: Bombers, Bouncers, Gunner, Miner, and Seeker
  • Bouncers are useful for getting back up to the skies again since its bomb can endure 2 blows to the ground
  • Seeker tends to hinder your progress and gives you small bumps.
  • Miners are useful for getting back up to the skies since they're on land.
  • Get as many combos as you can, it has more EXP to it.
Adventure Mode Walkthrough (Cliche Conquest Badge):

An easy game to mess with. Indestruc2Tank has been featured in COCAK one time ago. The artist is Nqkoi1 but instead of talking about the details, l,.et's beat it, shall we?

Level 1

A piece of cake. Destroy some planes and hit the ground for more fuel (You can get fuel if you do lots of good combos and fall down to the ground).

Boss: Selma

I like hammers. This boss pwnz. When it shoots missiles, get hit and fly into the glass while avoiding its rotating hammer. And somehow, she dies, with honor and great justice.

Level 2

A mediocre level. Avoid evil trenches because they'll kill you. But that's all you need to care.

Boss: Whizkid

As this badge suggest, does he live in that machine or at home? Boy, what a weird Newgrounder. Anyway, avoid trenches and hit the missiles. Aim for the circle or what appears to be a button or something. You'll see what we mean at the next scene.

Level 3

Just a bit hard. More trenches and planes.

Boss: Betton

Why not button as his name, we'll never know. He has a stationary building which won't move at all and it's great but then, he bring the big boys in. Missiles *OMG!!!* and some big repel lazer thingy. The missiles will be in packs so keep on going to the right and the lazer may throw you off the map so keep on holding right. Just hit the window.


Watch the final scene, not the Credits (But recommended), to get this easy medium badge.


  • When you are spinning at the end of a story mode level, you flip your way there.
  • This game had been intensely dugged at Armor Games (Speaking of digg and Armor Games, Daniel, the CEO of Armor Games, contacted me to digg Portal: The Flash Version because it was "dugg earlier". But well, I dugg it because he's sincere)
  • The art is made by Nqkoi1, one of the COCAK writers


INoodle said...

Two types of tank, Newground and rubber duck, floppy heads, change size of heads in comm.

Anyone know what getting all 18 medals unlocks? I'm too bored of this game to get the last couple now. Good fun though. =)

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