Saturday, December 22, 2007

Monsters' Den Badges

Monsters' Den Badges and Strategy

Alcatraz Tourist Badge (easy – 5 points)
Earn 1,000 points in "beginner" mode in Monsters' Den

Corruptor Disruptor Badge (medium – 15 points)
Complete the story mode on "beginner" in Monsters' Den

Dungeon Curmudgeon Badge (hard – 30 points)
Load up "hardcore" mode and score 20,000 points in Monsters' Den

Hardest of Core Badge (impossible – 60 points)
Reach level 50 on "hardcore" mode in Monsters' Den

Typical Strategy to use in Monsters' Den

  • Keep your eqipment updated, there's nothing worse than having a power weapon in your inventory and you not knowing it until it's too late.
  • Try and defeat all of the other enemies before the last boss battle, which is indicated by usually a large room with one enemy being a different name than the regular baddies. This way you know you've got the best equipment before going in.
  • The healing spots take away points but it's worth it if it may mean life or death. Try and use potions before you use these.
  • Focus on either one enemy at a time or at the next enemy in turn. Try and prioritize, defeat the enemy that has healing abilities before killing the person it's buffing.
  • Area effect attacks are always worth it
  • Check out NorthernPolaritys guide for specific class strategy here
  • Try and keep a backup weapon or shield for your warrior just in case you get a really good shield or sword that you want to use but you can't because you have a two-handed weapon equipped
  • If you post a comment and tell more it may end up on here
Remember all of the dungeons and monsters are different so there isn't a really set walkthrough that can be done for this game.


CreedP said...

Yes, the dungeons are different, but there's probably only X levels in the Beginner dungeon, same with Hardcore - right?

FRAGM3NT said...

well after the "boss" battle there is an infinite dungeon generator so there really isn't a set amount of levels

Focus said...

I appeared in an article again :P

I don't like the game much. Way overrated.

CreedP said...

So how many levels are there to finding the final boss? I'm looking for the 'Completed' badge (Medium) but no idea how long I'll have to play. :(

NorthernPolarity said...

Level 9 is the "final" boss i think.

Ben said...

Its one of the games that i only play for the badges

Anybody know how to hack it

I havent tried yet so i dun know

iShikamaru said...

Dude, don't hack it. PLAY it. Hack it for the impossible if you simply MUST, however. The others only require time. -_-
Anyway, it's a great game.
Level 9 is the "boss" he's hard. His name is the Corrupter, and he mirrors your entire team, so I suggest crippling him/it, then overwhelming him/it with your warrior. You gotta take him out before his first turn, though, or the battle gets REALLY hard.

sullimart said...

for those interested, here's how i got the impossible badge...

1 warrior front and center with all level increases going toward endurance and no care about armor advantages just high armor ratings. if you've played wow you know the strategy using a tank.

3 mage on the back row with all level increases going to intellect and no care about armor ratings but try to find good armor benefits mainly intellect.

skill increases: shield wall and electrical storm. just use electric storm every battle and shield wall and you will go on forever.

tip: skip the first boss and try to get to the first exit as fast as possible so you can get electrical storm and shield wall asap. toward the end i was skipping through levels just to save time and not one battle went bad.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Someone asked if you can hack it and the simple answer is, yes you can. If you have cheat engine you can hack the stat points and then all you need is an auto clicker and some spare time. You get to level 2 and then go on someone to change their stats. Type in 3, first scan, use a stat point, type in 2 next scan, use a stat point, type in 1 next scan, use a stat point, type in 0 next scan, Get the address and change it to 10 and freeze it. Click on undo changes and then you have infinite stat points. YOu have to repeat this for every player. Voila one invincible team of doom with 12K health each at level 2.

For those who don't want to cheat I would suggest a warrior(front middle), mage(back middle), and two rangers (back left and right) for your team. Worked well for me.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

what is the program called?

miroth said...

I don't understand the "badges" thing. I'm on level 300 and I have yet to see a "badge". Are badges something special for people who use this site or are they actually in the game? Also, I never saw a difficulty selection, I just saw a button for hardcore. Maybe I'm playing an old version. Thanks.

DemonDoll said...

You are indeed playing an old version and badges are for Kongregate users so sign up - free and simple with lots of achievements to collect. I commend you for going that far into Monster Den.

Anonymous said...

What do I do for the blue altar on level 4 that says "Temporary becomes permanent"?

I think it takes current armor bonuses and adds them to the statistics. Is this correct?

Is it only the four main statistics, or do other things like quickness also also get changed?

Nobody on any site addresses this issue. It looks like a great way to maximize stats by equiping items that all increase the key statistics for each character, even if they aren't the best items. Also, one can buy all the orbs on every level and use them on that euqipment, even if you know that you will sell it back to the emporium, just so the benefit becomes permanent.