Friday, January 11, 2008

Campaign Game Walkthrough/Card/Badges/Review

Campaign Game

Game Description:

The Campaign Game is a politically-themed turn-based tactical combat game. You choose a candidate, pick your staff, and literally fight it out with the opposition—slinging mud, launching attack ads, and holding rallies to capture states and earn funds. Play single player or head to head multiplayer.

Game Instructions:
Capture regions, earn money for your campaign, and use your staff and cash to defeat your opponent! Detailed instructions provided in game.


1. Choosing your campaign workers
2. Using your campaign workers
3. Effectively acquire land
4. Cutthroat techniques

Card Guide
Hanging Chad Challenge
The primaries are finally here! Celebrate American democracy at its finest to unlock the Reinforced Breastplate card.

Million Dollar Candidate (to be earned)Easy Badge
Million Dollar Candidate Badge (easy – 5 points)
Raise a total of $1,000,000 in Campaign Game

Diebold Hacker (completed)Medium Badge
Diebold Hacker Badge (medium – 15 points)
Win a single-player "hard" election the true American way in Campaign Game




Welcome to the campaign game guide. Here at COCAK we will help you get that badge you've always wanted. Now then first of I recommend reading the instructions in game for basic details on how to move, taking squares, regions, attacking, fundraising, and special abilities.

1. Choosing your campaign workers

Alright so when you want to pick your units there are a few things you must keep in mind. How do you want to play? Would you like to be ranged, brutal, sneaky, or defensive? Maybe even all at once.

*Editor Opinion* I personally like to use the brutality of three hatchetmen personally.

Remember you can always hire a new worker using your main campaign candidate.

2. Using your campaign workers

Hatchetmen - If you can use these guys in a pack, considering they do 20 damage a turn, they can pack a big punch if they are in groups and can all attack the same person on the same turn.

Spinmeisters - These are the kings of range, keep inside a region you control and just attack with everything you have against the outside of your region.

Operatives - Sneaky is the name of the game, the Operatives do alot of damage when hidden the only problem is the fee it takes to make them hide. Now remember they can be found but only through ranged attacks and if someone lands on that spot.

Fundraisers - These should always stay right behind a more heavily powered worker, one that will need the healing. Two hatchmen running around with a healer seems pretty good right now.

3. Effectively acquire land

Hatchetmen - I wouldn't suggest trying to get much land out of these guys they have the smallest capture area

Spinmeisters - These guys have a relatively good capture area, about the same as the Operatives

Operatives - About the same as the Spinmeisters

Fundraisers - Great land capture area, if you spread a few out you will probably easily take over a region quick

4. Cutthroat techniques

Offensive - If you want to win a game quickly, all you have to do is have 3 Hatchetmen and quickly attack the opposing candidate or their workers. You'll do 60 damage a turn if you have them all attack the same person in a turn.

Defensive - If you want to raise a bunch of money and wipe your opponents out with your undeniable will to create cash, I suggest using a few fundraisers, and a spinmeister. This way your spinmeister can attack from inside a region and the fundraisers can take over regions quickly.

Card Guide

To obtain the card all you must simply do is follow the Offensive Cutthroat technique above.

Easy Badge

The easy badge can be obtained over time or all in one go, which can easily be accomplished, simply use the defensive technique described in the cutthroat section and only attack the opposing candidates workers. Keep building up money and you'll obtain a million dollars soon. Then just destroy the opposing candidate. Oh and you can always waste your money too, so if you want to keep a running tally that'd be a great idea.

Medium Badge

I highly suggest using the cutthroat offensive maneuver outlined above. Simply win one hard game and you can have the card and the badge.



+ Multiplayer
+ Choose your candidate
+ Multiple units
+ Special moves
+ Graphics

+ Slightly slow
+ No way to skip an animation
+ Menu needs work because you can't go back in a menu, you must refresh the game
+ Not all the candidates are offered

Great game, there are a few annoyances which may be why severeflame doesn't like it so much? Haha oh well I recommend it.


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