Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fanciest Pants: Video Guide

The Fanciest Pants Badge (Hard - 30 points)
Unlock every single color in Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

How can you possibly be the fanciest pants man out there without a colorful wardrobe?
Just click "read more" to view a video walkthrough on all the pants colors.

Keep in mind this is my first video guide! There were a few things I had to edit out due to lag and mistakes, so some places may look a little funky (especially level 5)... But I hope it helps those who need it!


flash said...

That was a crazy ride. Nice job.

Zantier said...

lol *random slow motion*

nice guide =). Grr, everyone's using easier ways to do level 3 =P

Malachi said...

Haha, Zantier xD

Some moments if was lag, and some others I was just messing around with slow-motion when editing it... I can have some fun too, right?