Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kong Redesign (v1.2)

Kongregate Beta is now v1.2!
Official Post Here

Kong Redesign (v1.2)
-What's new?

Forum Search.

You can now search for everything you want, and even search in the forums! The forum results will improve over the next few weeks as the title fixes for forum posts get indexed. (Emily said it, don't ask me).

Woo! It works!

Find your friends on Kongregate.
This is an all-new tool: Enter your email address to find friends in your addressbook who are already on Kongregate. This is useful when searching for alternate accounts, too!

Yay, I have a lot of friends!

Improved announcements posting.
It's cleaner than ever!

-Bug Fixes
The star on friends bug and some performance issues with people who had a lot of friends. The bug where you couldn’t log-in is mostly fixed now (a couple of pages in IE6 still have it), as well as a bug with uploading additional files in a zip with Firefox.

-I want more info!
Then check the forums! Or the original announcement I already linked you to...

-What happened on previous redesigns?
Kong Redesign (v1.0)
Kong Redesign (v1.1)


Focus said...

Whoops, sorry Sylicas. :P

Sylicas said...

I already stated it's my job, you fracking noob who never reads stuff >:(

Ah well, No work ftw.

Focus said...


Kannushi Link said...

The AD Impressions display page has been improved too,but it's not on the list. =P