Saturday, January 20, 2007

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Created by: Avatar8849_2 Gods

Game Description

Chainreaction is a game where you try and get a highscore from playing. Its very fun.

Game Instructions:

Simply click one of the circles and see how many connect and see how many they connect and see how long it goes. Good luck with your high scores


A good simple puzzle game, trying to get the best combination of combos is a little addicting, if only it had more depth than that though. Oh, and this game was the Pick because there were no games uploaded on the 19th so we went back another day..


Gods said...

It wounderful that you picked my game (chainreaction). Thanks alot, and i will view your blog alot more now that i know about it.

Thanks again,

Ryan said...

I was trying to find the person who created this to tell them to upload it on Kong. Gods, how did you find out about Kong?

Gods said...

Its simple. I love TD games so one day i got really addicted to Desktop TD and i was like wow. And in the background there was this site and i was like awsome lots of games without virus's and malware. So i kept on the site and slowly i noticed more and more fetures of kongregate. Eventually... I decided to upload my previous games i have either helped code or made. So in the end it was a win/win situation for all :)