Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kongregate nominated for Best Games site!

SXSW Web Award Finalist
This time, SXSW decided to nominate Kongregate for Best Games site, and it's your job to vote everyday till March 9th!

Go to their site, enter your email and get a confirmation code (I know, email confirmations are not good), then write it there again and choose Kongregate. There are a lots of sites to vote, but only a few in the Games category.

Go vote now! And Don't


Malachi said...

I believe it is March 9th, not 3rd. But vote anyway ;)

Entombor2 said...

totally awesom i will :P

Focus said...

Thanks Malachi, I changed it. I guess I was a bit angry when writing - classes start March 3rd.

Sp3000 said...

Whoever hasn't voted should hang themselves...metaphorically