Friday, March 7, 2008

The Visitor Walkthrough & Badges

Super Happy Adventure Time Badge (medium – 15 points)
Guide your lovable visitor through his quest to destroy all in his path in The Visitor

Always One Survivor Badge (medium – 15 points)
In every classic horror story, there's always exactly one survivor. Make this story no different in The Visitor

Cheers to chitown15 for writing the walkthrough and giving permission to post it on Cocak. I recommend reading it on the forums (original post), since Blogger is not being friendly with me and the original post includes images.

Update: Also, check out VertFire's video walkthrough!

Stage 1
1-Click the branch to make it fall into the water.
2-Click the fallen log to make the alien jump on it.
3-Click on the frog, you will kill it and grow.
4-Click the hole in the tree to make the bird fly over to it.
5- Click on the tree stump to make it fall over.
6-Click on the fishing rod to move it into position
7-Click on the meteorite to make the fish go to the fishing rod.
8-Click on the Alien (where the frog used to be) to move it onto the fishing rod.
9- Click the fishing rod 5 times to sling shot the alien to the next stage.

Stage 2
1-Click on the door knob once, then click on the old apple to make the alien eat it and spit it up.
2-Click the door knob to make the Alien jump down.
3&4-Click on the cat, quickly click on the tree branch

Stage 3
1-Click on the blue (I forget its correct name) “handle”.
2-Click on the yellow “handle” to jump back to stage 2.

Stage 2.2
1-Click the cat’s bottom to kill it.
2-Click the door knob to move to stage 4.

Stage 4
1-Click the blenders lid to remove it.
2-Click the bowl of oranges to put an orange into the blender .
3-Remove the blenders lid again.
4-Click the base of the blender to turn it on.
5-turn the water on. (NOTE do 5, 6, and 7 quickly)
6- Click the top cabinet drawer to open it.
7- Click on the knife.
8- Click on the Alien.
9-Click the light bulb to move the alien on top of the refrigerator.
10-Click the thermostat 5 times to open the ven.
11- Go through the vent.

Stage 5
1-Click the vent lid to knock it off.
2-Click the fish tank to kill the fish.
3-Click the bird cage to let the bird free.
4-Click yourself to move out of the fish tank and spill the bird seed.
5-Click the clothes to hind so the bird will go to the seed.
6-Click the bird to eat it.
7-Click the clothes to fly free.
8-Click the top bunk guy to kill him.
9-Click yourself to go under the bed.
10-Click the bottom bunk guy to kill him.

Stage 6
Now for the Super Happy Adventure Time Badge, just don’t do anything for a few seconds. The alien will come in and kill the last guy.

Now for Always One Survivor Badge
1-Click the doorway to close the door.
2-Click the faucet to the right on
3&4-Pick up the toilet paper and put it in the toilet.
5- Click the toilet handle to flush the toilet and flood the room.
6-Click the right cabinet drawer to open it.
7-Click the hair dryer to pick it up.
8-Plug the hair dryer into the outlet.
9&10- (The alien will come in) Click the faucet to turn on the water then drop the hair dryer in it. That will open up the left drawer.
11- Pick up the gun, and click it 5 more times.


VertFire said...

I got a video walkthrough if you want it focus.

Focus said...

Will add it with your permission :)

Focus said...

Ahh, isn't it yours?

teillu said...

Thanx! :)

VertFire said...

Yes it's mine heres the link

Hyo said...

wow this walkthrough was good when i didnt know how to pay the visitor so its a good thing you have this so thx for everything ok c ya lol lol lol lol lol lol lol hahahahahahahahahahhahhahah!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i cant find the tree branch in stage 2 where is it?