Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday on Kong!

Play of the day! Today is colorfill by kokosan

colorfill is a simple fill the area game. It's simple and fun to play just remember to not fill in the area that has a color your filling in with, because it'll only produce two of them. Although if you have a different color go ahead because it DESTROYS it =].

Some notable Forum Posts for today include
The Kong to-do list

Kong Firefox Extension

Other than that have fun chatting, in great rooms like Scribbles.


Focus said...

I could add some kind of date to the daily Kong image, for example, 29.04.08 for today's (or 04.29.08, for those inside the US).

Or you could also use a different image for each day. Green for Monday, blue for Tuesday and going...

Or just don't change anything.

FRAGM3NT said...

Good ideas, I'll look into making different stuff

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing something about my game on your blog.
I am proud you chose my game as today s pick.