Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another new Facebook walkthrough! For 8 applications!

Alright so I must admit the title may mislead you, I'm actually only going through one application but they all essentially have the same layout and feel.

In this article I'll display the steps to install Guitar Maniac on your Facebook, how to challenge others, how to win Kongregate points, and see how you rank amongst your friends.

Go to the application site, which is here. There you will find an add application button, I think right here you know what to do. If not click the button.


When you add Guitar Maniac you'll come to the general screen, as seen on the left, click the picture for a larger image, you'll notice many things one being previous plays, challenge history, friend suggestion, leaders, and more games.
Just for the record if you had been challenging someone the screen would appear like this!
You'll notice the gray bar at the top starting with play, well play is number 3. Here you will go and practice the game and just have fun with it by yourself. You can challenge a friend at anytime however and see some recent scores you received.

The Challenge menu brings up suggested players to challenge, incoming challenges, and recent challenge history.

The leaderboard menu gives you alot of options to sort the stats of Kongregate, you can see who scored the best in your network, all time, or just your friends.

The more games option allows you to check out the other gaming applications Kongregate has implemented with Facebook. Amongst these games are Dolphin Olympics, Ragdoll Avalanche, Particles, Winged Bullet, Jumpcat, Filler, Red, and MAD. Theres also a good ole link to Kongregate itself.


Last I want to tell you how to get points, with these applications there are a few ways. When you add the application you get 15 points, you get 15 points for inviting a friend into the application, 3 points if you win, and 0 points for losing sadly; in the world of Kongregate there is no consolation prize.

There you have it, essentially all of the applications have the same look and feel to them so I hope I got you excited for the new applications and the amazing things they can do.

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