Monday, May 26, 2008

I Wanna Be The Guy -- Downloadable game

Although not directly related to Kongregate, I felt the need to post about this game, which was brought to my attention by Juze in this thread. If you've already played this game, just ignore this, I guess.

DOWNLOAD HERE: (Full version approx. 70MB)
Hit "Read more" for info, screen shots, and the walkthrough.

"I Wanna Be The Guy" (IWBTG), is a ridiculously difficult and satanic platformer, ridled with death traps, and rarely completed without dying 1000 times. Right from the beginning, this game will trick and deceive you. Believe me, it's a bitch.

Oops, my bad!

However, IWBTG is strangely intriguing. While you may want to kill yourself (which ironically will already be happening) from frustration, you will feel compelled to complete the challenges it throws out. And trust me, this becomes very satisfying.

I recommend all of you who haven't already done so before to at least download the demo version of this game--it is truly is awesome (scroll up for download page).

Anyway, these are the default controls (simple, right?); if you don't like them, you can change the keys by going to File > Controls.

UPDATE: Forgot Z, shoot.
And of course, R to restart.

Now, you those of you who are dedicated to becoming "The Guy", but don't have a clue what to do, don't worry. There are many run-throughs and hints around the internet to help you. But as you can imagine, there is no solid run-through of IWBTG, but here is fairly large list of videos to help you. Additionally, a (very large) map of the game is being worked on here.

So anyway, just have fun with it! Maybe some of you will finally be The Guy, but I know I won't!


Zantier said...

It's an awesome game!! =P
I've left mine right at the final boss for ages... could never complete it lol

Juze said...

:O You made a COCAK post! You still forgot one thing: Q to suicide.