Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Daily Kong: Tribute to DTD

Play of the Day!
The Play of the Day! is a daily column where I showcase my personal pick of the best game uploaded the day before.

Cave Escaper by rowlandrose

Controls: Arrow Keys to move, Space to use grappling hook, down+space to use dynamite

Quick Review: Great game, made by the same guy as Music Bounce. This game has 50 levels and is extremely fun to play. The graphics are top notch, the controls are solid and it's all very well put together. I have no criticism because this game is of high quality and a worthy play.

Also check out great reviews for Kongregate games at ACKK

Retro Play of the Day!
This piece takes a look into the games uploaded to Kongregate One Year ago! Thats almost a century on the internet

Desktop Tower Defense by preecep

Controls: Mouse

Quick Review: One of the top games to have ever been uploaded to Kongregate and brought in alot of users. So great it inspired a 1.5. Highly recommended play to anyone who hasn't played it.

Notable Forum Posts

Heres a place where the forum gets spotlighted upon, every day there are great threads and heres a spot to keep up on at least a few

Kongregate gets bit by the Twitter Bug
Red Wings Win Stanley Cup (I'm a wings fan so this excites me :P)
Stolen Game button Good Idea?

Kongregate News
Kongregate always has some kind of news, we're in beta! Whats going on recently with Kongregate and the Kongregate community

Well Kongregate was pretty slow over the night, although tonight we get a new challenge so everyone if you haven't done this weeks it's your last chance!

Am I slacking, probably. Here is a place where I tell you whats up in my world so you can know what to expect from the blog world.

I want to do some kind of weekly expose, or series or something! Oh and I think I'm going to do the community spotlight soon.

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