Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dino Run

Must Go Faster, Must Go Faster Challenge
Life finds a way. Survive the meteor apocalypse to unlock the Cain Solomon card.

Dino Run
by Pixeljamgames
The Asteroid has finally hit! Escape the pyroclastic wall of doom and find your dino sanctuary!

Read on for more!

The Challenge

Complete Challenge Mode - This can be done on any difficulty. Feel free to set it to "easy" if you're having trouble with the default.

This challenge is simple enough, move to the right constantly. Essentially you want to make it to your sanctuary without running into the wall of lava that's chasing you. This game is expansive and has lots of different paths you can take, whether you take the ground, inside of volcanoes or underneath the earth never fear when you fall down an abyss it's only another way to get to the sanctuary.

Things to look for:

Pterodactyls - They hold you in their talons and carry you in the air for a period of time, watch out for the red ones as they take you backwards.

Stegosauri - They are slow and just another obstacle

Small Lizards/Eggs/Worms - You can eat them all, do so to earn points towards unlocking items

Triceratop - These big ole buddies are just like the Stegosauri

Essentially just keep running put yourself on easy if medium isn't your bag although if you finish it on medium you won't have to finish it later for the medium badge

So after you get done running all the way to sanctuary after the challenge mode then you've officially obtained the Cain Solomon card! Theres a few levels so it'll take a bit.


Dinosavior Badge Easy 5 Points
Rescue a dinosaur in Dino Run
This can be done by completing any speed run or challenge.

Essentially gain the card or beat the first speed run, extremely easy badge

Apocalypse Then Badge (medium – 15 points)
Complete the challenge mode on "medium" or higher in Dino Run
This must be done on "medium," "hard," or "insane" difficulty.

I personally suggest doing the card on medium so you don't have to bother with this one either

Gnarly Pipeline Badge (hard – 30 points)
Doomsurf for 30 seconds in Dino Run
You'll be doomsurfing while the exclamation point is over your head. You don't need to complete the level, but you do need to survive the surf.
I suggest doing this on the out to pasture speedrun. This one is actually not that hard once you get the concept of where to doomsurf. It's essentially the area just beyond the light gray until about half your screen fills with black. I prefer to be inside the light and medium gray because you don't want to leave unless you know it's 30 seconds because the timer will start over

Chaos Theory Badge (impossible – 60 points)
Leave nothing unaccomplished in Dino Run

Achieve all gold milestone medals – 50 monkeys on typewriters will eventually compose the works of Shakespeare, just as you will eventually complete this task!

All speed runs completed on "insane"

This will take a very long time and a lot of skill. Not for the feint of heart and I suppose that would include me because I'm not even trying.

Fun things to do in Dino Run


Top Speed – dinoracer
Mega Jump – leapinliz
Super Strength – calcium
Goodbye Doom – explore
Low Gravity – astrosaur
Boulders = Balloons – goofballs
Lights Out – goodbyesun
Meteor Storm – smokey

*When cheats are activated badges can't be earned and scores cannot be uploaded


lightsun said...

Great walkthrough FRAGM3NT! Very useful :)

Dazzer said...

You should mention the bones from dead dinos.

They are used to unlock the speedrun stages.

Malachi said...

I can make a post for getting the impossible badge, since I'm getting close to getting it myself.

I think it would be fairly useful for people to find out where all the super eggs are and such.

FRAGM3NT said...

That'd be awesome Malachi

Focus said...

Mal.... you'll get my account password in a whisper soooooon... lol

Anonymous said...

There is also special hat and hat code... But yeah, let's be fair and leave them as secret if you don't donate.

garacho said...

You can also mention that if you get on one of those orange back head horned dinosaurs (i forget the name), you can control it well the second time you hop on it.

muneeb khatri said...

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