Thursday, July 31, 2008

Age of War Walkthrough

This game is the new card challenge, so by using a strategy that the people in my room have suggested, here's a simple walkthrough to beat Age of War.

General Strategy:

1.Use turrets as main damage. Add in new spots and upgrade them (but generally only get the 2nd most expensive turret) ASAP.
2.Build the cheapest unit never to attack, but to tank so your towers can hit them without them reaching your base
3. Save enough money to get 2 super soldiers

1.Start off with a rock slingshot. Use your special whenever it comes. When it starts to attack enemies, build some club men to take hits while your slingshot continues to pound on the enemies. You want your rock slingshot to be attacking at all times, so just build enough men (1-2 at a time) so that they dont overrun your base. Stop building men once you push them out of the slingshot range, then start building them again. When the dinosaurs come, build a few extra men. You need about 2-3 per dinosaur with your slingshot attacking.

2. Keep on doing this until you can add another turret spot, then do so and make another turret (egg or just rock slingshot). Advance new ages when they come. After you advance an age, just sell your existing towers and replace them with new ones. I generally like the 2nd turret option after the 1st age. (the 2nd most expensive one). Add in more turret spots when you've upgraded all your old towers.

3.During the age with rocket towers, you eventually wont need to build any more solders. So save money until you get to the next age.

4.In the final age, upgrade ONLY 2 rocket turrets, one to ion ray, one to laser cannon. Farm 300k, then build 2 super solders. Use the rest of your money to build some tanks to back them up.


Zachary said...

A better way to do it is to upgrade all your turrets up to max at the last age, since your turret inadvertently kills their base.

DSxXevious said...

Well zachary, they changed it so Ionrays don't go as far as they did before it went out on Kong. But I used that strategy a lot.

Focus said...

What if you add a beautiful card and some italics and bold so the post looks pretty? =]

Sorry, I like formatting too much.

crazieshado said...

its actually really easy. for the first stage, buy some clubmen to keep the enemy at bay long enough to buy the most expensive 1st stage turret.

2nd stage, should be really easy. DON'T BUY TURRETS FOR THIS STAGE, KEEP THE OLD ONE. simply pulverize the enemy until you can lvl up. one of the easiest stages. near the end, use your hail of arrows special to rack up extra money. get AS MUCH MONEY NEAR THE END

3rd stage, hardest of all stages. this one is one of the tougher ones, but still easy enough. buy 2-3 cannoneers near the start, and then use your special, allowing them to regenerate. you should be able to easily slaughter up enough for 3000 gold eventually. then, sell your stone age expensive catapault and buy the medium (2nd most expensive) size cannon.

4th stage is superiorly easy. do whatever you can possibly freakin' do to get 3 dual turrets. the strategy is to buy 1 OF THE CHEAPEST SOLDIERS AT THE VERY START, but make sure that he doesn't go into the enemy territory (stay within range so that the medium cannon from 3rd stage can still hit them, as this gives your cheap soldier an advantage). when he dies, quickly build one more cheap soldier. with your cheap soldier and cannon blasting away at the enemy, in no time you'll have enough to upgrade to a dual turret. sell your medium cannon and buy a dual turret. if you have money left, buy another turret spot. repeat this until you have 3 dual turrets. sit back and see your stupid enemies come and get killed without you doing anything. you have started the automated killing! hurray!

5th stage, even easier...your 3 dual turrets will manage to keep the earlier soldiers at bay. buy your 4th and final turret spot, kill until you have 100,000 gold and then buy an ion blaster thing. if it doesn't attack, its because your dual turrets are killing them before the enemies come within range of the ions. don't worry, this is usual. keep relaxing and sell each of your dual turrets one at a time as soon as you can afford another ion bolt. keep repeating until all 4 turrets are ion bolts. then, save up 250,000 gold and buy 5 war machines, and then 1 super soldier IN THAT ORDER. when they all spawn, the first 4 war machines are desinged to die, but by then, the 1 super solder and war machine will arrive at the enemy base. the super soldier will kill of a huge fraction of the enemy base, and then die of the turrets. your war machine SHOULD finish off the base. if not, repeat the same thing again, and congratulations! you win! also note that don't worry, while you are blasting away at the enemy base, your ion bolts will kill all approaching enemies.

ENJOY! this is actually a copy of my website's walkthrough.

hipcheck said...

KCCG just added a walkthrough as well check it out.

hipcheck said...

KCCG just added a walkthrough as well check it out.

MasterTactics said...

Link to Kong Front in your blog roll?

hazeraven said...

A quick start, for anyone who hasn't gotten around to this game yet: wait for a group of cavemen to come out and hit your special. If it takes out at least two enemies you'll have enough to immediately buy the egg automatic. With that in play you can pretty easily build up to a second turret, or even wait until you can go straight to the fourth age, just for fun.