Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three Challenges!?

Andromeda Strain Challenge

If viruses and Napoleon have taught us anything, it's that the deadliest of threats can often be the tiniest.

Nano War by badben

Nano War is a RTS/action game.
In Nano War, you have to annilihate the other entity. You are the red entity, your opponent is green.

The Challenge

Level 9 completed

Well, this week's challenge is on a rather older game, Nano War.

In this game, when you start a level, there are several circles on the screen. You will notice some red circles (Which are yours), some green circles (Which are your opponents), and some gray ones. (Which are neutral)

Each circle has a number on it. Those are the number of "units" inside that particular circle. All circles except the gray ones produce units. The larger the circle, the faster the unit production rate is. As stated before, the gray circles DO NOT reproduce units until you or your opponent capture it. (Which is what I will get to next.)

If you click on one of your circles (The red ones.), and then to another circle (Of any color), half of the units in the first circle will travel to the second circle. When those units you send reach the second circle, It will either subtract the number of units you sent from the number of units inside the second circle, unless you send it to another red circle, than those units will be added (or transferred) to that circle. (Yes, I know all this sounds very confusing :P)

In order to "capture" a "Base" (Which is what I will call the red, green, and gray circles from this point forward.), you must send more units than inside that base to capture it. (Keep in mind the reproduction of the enemy bases when sending units...)

For example, lets say there is one red base, with fourty units in it, and a green base with fifteen. If the red player clicked on his/her red circle, and then the enemy circle, twenty units (half) would be sent to the enemy circle. (What is 15 minus 20? Negative five.) All the leftover units will be put directly into your newly captured base. In the example, the newly captured red base would have five units starting, because it sent 20 to a fifteen unit base. The first fifteen capture and nullify the base, and the leftover five are put into that nuetral base. (Once more, CONFUZZLEDNESS.)

Those are the bare basics of Nano War. However, there are a couple unstated rules and mechanincs that aren't necessary to know, but I'll state them here anyway.

Firstly, a simple one. If you repeatedly click the same base (Providing it's yours) all of the units will be eventually sent out. (However it's not advised you do so often, as it leaves your base very vulnerable.)

Secondly, also a simple one. The more units you send out, the faster they travel. For example, if there are fourty units in a base and you send them all, they will travel fairly fast.

Thirdly, and lastly, is the most complicated one. If there are two bases, and they both send units to attack each other, and the units moving meet in the middle, it is treated as a base encounter; the smaller one is subtracted from the bigger one. Here's an example: If there are twenty red units moving east, and twelve green units heading straight for the red ones, the green one will be killed, and the red units will be reduced to eight, instead of twenty. If the same number of units meet, they nullify each other, and both are killed.

(Sorry for the overly long instructional section... >.>)

The challenge for this game, as stated above, is to complete level nine. That isn't too hard, and it will get you an easy badge, and get you halfway to the hard one. The first few leveles are hideously easy, but around the last two required levels for the challenge, you may start to have a little trouble if you aren't too good with this game. There is no set strategy, as the AI reacts to your moves slightly randomly. (In my experience, at least.)

All you really have to do, is get as many large gray bases as possible in the beginning, and don't leave your bases prone to attack from enemies. It's as easy as that.

Also, in some other Kongregate news, for the first time in Kongregate history, we have THREE CHALLENGES RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME!

We have a challenge for Nano War (If you don't know that after reading this post, contact a mental institue xD) A challenge for The Last Stand 2, and a challenge for Kongai.

To end this post, Here is a great guide for this week's card, Andromeda. That card guide was written by FRAGM3NT.

Well, that's about it from me, enjoy the card and badges!



lightsun said...

Really nice review, better than mines :p. Kepp up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This, The Last Stand 2...what's the 3rd?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry.

EsIeX3 said...

My strategy was to attack the enemy base and not to attack gray bases. Works especially well for the last level if you're having trouble with it.