Monday, July 28, 2008

Update in Minor!

It's a minor update, but apparently, Jim told some of General (aka, I was there for a while) that the rating system has been changed to prevent point rating farmers.

So, from now on, instead of all the games on Kong rated in 24 hours, it's 30 per 24 hours! Yay!

Now, wait like little kids while I try and get a silly little interview out.


FRAGM3NT said...

This is definitely new, good to see a curb on the point farmers.

Anonymous said...

I heavily disagree with this. alot of the badges are too difficult or undesirable to achieve. this unnecessarily limits point progression. soon, people will find ways around this such as abusing the friend referral system- accounts that exist only to boost people's points. if people want to farm for points by rating games let them.

NorthernPolarity said...

Anon, since points don't actually do anything right now, no one is hurt from having a restriction on the amount of games that they can rate per day (30 games is an obscenely large number of games that you can play per day anyways). Abusing the referral system takes far much more work, since the initial referral is only worth like 10 points or something, and they have to level for you to gain more points, so either you level alts by farming easy badges, or you can just farm badges on your main and come out with the same amount of points.

TLDR version: Points = worthless right now, referral system not easy to abuse, less abuse in the system = better.