Monday, August 18, 2008

Achilles, sweet schwag!

It seems this week Kongregate has a different approach to make you play, they are giving away Fallout 3. Check out all the info here

I'm extremely excited and will have a Achilles guide/tips up as soon as possible to help you acheive this grand giveaway.

To be honest, with this challenge it's extremely difficult to come up with any kind of viable strategy. So in my humble opinion remember these two tips

1. Spearing is a great choice
2. Kick, Slash, Slash or Kick, Kick, Slash

WIth 5 lives it's extremely easy to come up with the 60 kills, good luck and happy Fallout 3 hunting.


Anonymous said...

Hey PlatinumIce this is OldManondorf. I got banned lawl. Im just wondering if its permanent or temporary. Leave a shout on my profile if you can tell me.

Anonymous said...

Something to note, is the walking-slashes with swords vary in damage based on timing. This is something to try to learn, as if you get the timing right you can 1-hit-kill everything short of bosses.