Monday, August 25, 2008

The Daily Kong: Hexadecimals Reborn

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Phoenix is a regular user of Kongregate and also the forum moderator for Serious Discussion, a passion for good debates and general clean-up of the site is what he provides. Phoenix is a great role model to any Kongregate forum user, only post when necessary, provide thought out comments, and don't be a jerk.

Phoenix has been with Kongregate since April of 2007 and has been consistently active ever since. As one of the only forum moderators he deserves great respect form the members of Kongregate.

Phoenix's favorite games include: Phoenix, Follis, and Massive Space Tower Defense

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Hexiom Connect
Hexiom Connect by moonkey

Hexiom Connect is a simply hex based puzzle game. Evolving from Hexiom, Hexiom Connect brings the puzzle into different light, you have to arrange the pieces to connect with each other and glow with distinctive pride. The concept is simple, the puzzles increase in difficulty, and the music is generally non-intrusive and almost relaxing. Some of the larger puzzles are simply too large to be workable it seems because you have to strain your eyes to see the connections. The game itself is a good puzzle game that will keep you guessing for a while. Expect badges on this one as the original did, it's a Kongregate sponsored game, and it's quite fun to play.

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smigbob said...

This post really doesn't tell how awesome Phoenix is. He has helped me with programming issues time and time again, and has done about 90% of the work on my current project. Phoenix, I'll finish it by the end of the year! I hope! I know, I said that last April...