Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Daily Kong.

Play of the Day!
The Play of the Day is a daily column where I showcase my personal pick of the best game uploaded the day before.
Adrenaline Challenge by joejoejoe44
Nice game, maybe not the best one of this kind, but nice. You move with arrow keys, and space bar. It gets annoying, and frustating after a while, but it is still funny. I don't suggest you to try this game if you are searching something with a little more of action. The game is quite simple to learn, but hard. That's all what I can say about this game.

Retro Play of the Day!
This piece takes a look into the games uploaded to Kongregate One Year ago! That's almost a century on the internet.
Orbular by TastyLamp
Awesome game, I bet you know this one. It has two badges: A hard one, and an Impossible badge. You move with arrow keys, and the game is like the classic Arkanoid.
This game is full of modes, and surprises. It has an easter egg, that I will explain later. The game has very good graphics, and it is one of my favorites. I highly suggest you to try it. You'll need a lot of training for achieve both badges, but practice makes the master.
This easter egg that I will explain you now, adds a lot of fun at this game: With the mouse, hold down the left button for three seconds and...!

Notable Forum Posts
Here's a place where the forum gets spotlighted upon, every day there are great threads and here's a spot to keep up on at least a few.
As yesterday, nothing new.

Kongregate News
Kongregate always has some kind of news, we're in beta! What's going on recently with Kongregate and the Kongregate community.
No news on Kongreate today

Am I slacking, probably. Here is a place where I tell you whats up in my world so you can know what to expect from the blog world.
As yesterday, no news.

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