Monday, August 4, 2008

Duck, Think Outside the Flock

Duck, Think Outside the Flock

This game is a simple almost-puzzle game based around ducks. It's exceptionally simple and very easy to complete. The puzzles could do with more innovations although I must admit the game is exceptionally popular in some of the Kongregate rooms. Namely Feed The Ducks where Ducklette reigns. The game itself uses the same image of a duck throughout the whole thing but the ideas and mechanics of the game are essentially a re-hash throughout. When playing you feel like your playing the same game over and over again. The game was created as a advertisement to an independent film called Duck about a man who is depressed but finds strength in his duckling pal in a dystopian future. A little awkward to have a flash game to support it but I'm all about indie film so I may as well mention it. Overall the game is a moderate attempt at flash gaming even though you won't necessarily finding yourself playing it more than once as it has nothing to bring you back.

+/- Quick Walkthrough

Level 1: Collect the floating white balls
Level 2: Click all the ducks to turn them around
Level 3: Follow the duck with the arrow above it's head
Level 4: Find the duck with the abnormality, (it's bright purple should be easy to spot)
Level 5: Same as level one except inverted mouse controls
Level 6: Grab the white balls and avoid the purple ones
Level 7: Flip over all of the ducks, (I just did Middle-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Right)
Level 8: Collect the white balls from smallest to largest
Level 9: Again collect white balls while avoiding purple balls in an inverted structure
Level 10: Find the abnormality the duck should be missing it's left eye
Level 11: Keep clicking the ducks in a circle until they all match up to their colored spot
Level 12: Follow the duck again, pretty simple one just keep tracking
Level 13: Collect the balls in asccending order, (three small, three middle-sized, three large)
Level 14: Click each duck until it goes to the center
Level 15: Drag the big duck off the small duck
Level 16: Click the ducks to flip them around until they all face out (top left-center, right top-center, bottom right-center, left bottom-center)
Level 17: Make the ducks go to their corresponding circle just through a lot of clicks
Level 18: Collect the White balls while dealing with inversion
Level 19: Grab all the large ducks off the smaller one (more than one large duck)
Level 20: Find the duck missing it's right eye
Level 21: Crazy inversion levels again, this time your Y-Axis isn't inverted but the X is
Level 22: Play a matching game with the ducks
Level 23: Move each big duck twice and click on the small ducks
Level 24: Start by clicking the duck in the top left and go around in the edge, by the time you get to the top left click the top left and top right
Level 25: Tic-Tac-Toe (Top right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Center)

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