Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Last Canopy walkthrough.

Hello! This is lightsun, this time, making a walkthrough for the game, The Last Canopy, by ahbonk. I will first show you the videos of the four levels, and then explain my strategy.
Leave a comment, with your critics so I can make this one better.

Here the screenshots with the strategies:

Level 1:
For this enemy, stay in the middle of its lasers, absorb one or two and then defeat it. Easy as that. I don't suggest you to absorb it, it is very weak.

Stay in the right sude of the screen, and you got them! They are weak though, so I wouldn't absorb them neither.

Absorb, and avois it's drills.

Stay in the middle of the screen, and repeat the strategy for defeating them. They are really easy!

As before, stay in the middle,and you got it! This one is tought, but there, the enemy is easy. Also, remember to absorb him, his powers are really strong.


Well, just stay there, and absorb/fire. Don't get close. You will deal a lot of damage, I suggest you to absorb him a couple of times, and then fire. That's the key of this boss.

Ok, now he's attacking you with that big iron ball. Get close to him, and never understimate that boss, or he will give you a headache!

He will start firing you with lasers and drills, that you can avoid easly. Now you got him!

Level 2:
Stay on the middle of them, they will never hit you. Also, absorb them, their power is good.

Stay there, and that hard enemy, can't get you. Absorb them, his powers are awesome, maybe one of the bests.


This boss is quite easy, stay on the left side of the screen, open your eyes, and don't understimate him, and a piece of cake.

Level 3:

For this space ship, stay there, avoid the razors, and again, destroy it! If you absorb him you'll gain a power: Hard to use, and weak.

Level 4:
Well, this level is more of luck, and avoid as you can. The powers of those enemies aren't a big deal, but they can be useful for the final boss.

Here the videos:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

I hope you enjoyed it, and that this walkthrough is useful for you to get the 50 points of the game. This is all for today!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this helpful guide! I struggled with getting the challenge card when it was featured recently.

I'll have to try this strategy when I play the game again.

lightsun said...

Yes, the challenge for the 30 points (of the buried treasure) were quite tricky, because it was hard if you tried it on the easy options, but if the difficulty was high, it was easier. It gave you more points, therefore= More quickly. If my memory doesn't fail, you could make 100,000 in the first two levels.
Thank you for your comment! =)

Miro said...

Wow! Really useful! Absorb/fire! How come I never thought of that??

lightsun said...

Yes, miro, you are right. Absorb/fire. But remember those aren't ALL the enemies, I'm showing the most important ones.
Thank you for your comment, I'll work on this a little more.

crazieshado said...

When a boss dies, there is about 3 absorb times worth of time to absorb the bosses powers when it is blowing up. Very useful, and gets you through a while for the next level, just don't die. XD

lightsun said...

Yes,crazieshado, that's a good tip too. I never said that in the pictures, but I did in the videos.

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