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Paladin: The Game - Walkthrough

Hi, this is PlatinumIce, and I’m here with a guide, hot off the presses. The game I’m going to be writing a walkthrough for is Paladin: The Game.

If you haven’t tried it before, Paladin: The Game (Henceforth referred to as Paladin Game.) is a sidescrolling RPG/Adventure game, in which you play Auron, the ancient Paladin. This game is highly customizable, which is odd for a sidescroller. You can upgrade several stats and spells, each time you level up.

[This guide is for the Medium Difficulty of the game. I’ve beaten it on Easy and Medium, and I’ve gotten to the final boss on Hard.]

Okay, so let’s start this game. When we start up the game, we get a cool looking title screen.

So, as you might have guessed, go ahead and click “Instructions” to learn how to play. All controls are customizable, so set them to your own personal preference. Now, go back to the title screen. Now, we can finally get to the meat and potatoes of this game; Click “Play Game”.

Set the difficulty to “Medium” and then set the quality to whatever you think your computer can handle, but I have to warn you, I’m using a very fast computer, and high starts to lag me. I suggest playing on low quality.

Okay, let’s start this! Click “Begin”.

So, watch this little prologue movie if you want to, but I’ll warn you, it was a little boring to me. Trust me, it gets better.

Okay, so that’s our hero, Auron, standing there with a wooden sword. Our “Elder” wants us to come into the training hall for a little morning training. Before doing so, warm up with the moving controls in this little room. Then, when you are ready to commence combat training, head into the “Training Hall”. (Through the door to the right.)

Okay, after you have read what the Elder says, get in front of the top training dummy, and attack (Click) it four times. One down, two to go.

Next, go to the middle dummy, and press space to jump, and click in the air to do a jump attack. Repeat this until the dummy breaks.

Lastly, go to the bottom statue, and press “F” to kick it. (In my experiences, I haven’t used this technique much throughout the game, but…) Do this four times.

Woohoo. We got a health potion.

Now, we’ve destroyed all the dummies, and the Elder has that “Hands On” task ready for us; What we need to do is go to the Pantry, where there are Undead Dogs which have dug their way in. We need to take these guys out, but before we do so, let me teach you about the interface in this game.

Alright, our hero, Auron, is in the middle of the screen. He’s the normal looking guy.

Notice the three crosses in the upper left corner? Those are your lives. You lose a life when your HP runs out, but don’t worry, we have three continues, since we are playing on Medium.

The big red circle in the bottom left corner is your health. Each time you get hit, it will lower.

The big blue circle in the bottom right corner is your Aura. (Mana) Each time you cast a spell, some Aura is deducted from it.

Notice those boxes on the bottom? Those are your spells. You can use the number keys, or the mouse wheel to scroll through them, but only the ones you have unlocked in the upgrade menu, which I’ll show you later.

That bar with a number on it that is above your spells is your “Experience Meter”. Each time you kill an enemy, it will fill up a little, and when it is full, you gain a level, and a few Skill Points to distribute.

And those three letters above the red circle? The “S” is for sound, it can adjust the sound/volume levels. The “Q” is for Quality; You can set the quality here. Finally, the “T” is for “Tips”. You can turn the little tips that appear on or off, but I suggest you leave them on. At least for your first playthrough.

See those bottles next to the red and blue circles? Those are potions, which you can use to refill your Health and Aura meters. Red bottle is for HP, and Blue bottle is for Aura.

Now, it’s time to show you the upgrade menu, and the upgrades you can purchase.

Alright, let’s start this description:

Here are the upgradeable stats:
- Strength: This affects how strong each of your Hand to Hand attacks are.
- Dexterity: This affects how rapidly you can swing your blade.
- Speed: This affects how high you can jump, and how fast you can run.
- Health: This affects how much maximum Health you have.
- Aura: This affects how much maximum Aura you have.

Here are the spells you can get:
- Aura Sheild: Casts a shield of magic in front of you. The longer you hold the shield, the more Aura it depletes.
- Aura Blast: Shoots a single blast of aura out of your hand. Each blast depletes Aura.
- Shockwave: Create a shockwave in all directions of Auron, which knocks down all enemies.
- Power Attack: Enchants your blade for one attack; A more powerful blade strike.
- Turn Undead: Damages all Undead in the area. [Extremely useful]
- Judgement: Makes small meteors fall from the sky. Greatly depletes Aura.
- Flight: You can fly. Don’t put any points into this, trust me.

Alright, now let’s go ahead and start this little quest our Elder has sent us on. Walk down the stairs to your right, past the dummies.

There are some crates, which can be destroyed with three swings each.

Uh-oh. One of the Undead Dogs found the door. We’ve got to deal with him first.

He’s very easy, just hit him once when he starts charging towards you, and then back up a little before each attack, keeping out of the dog’s range. Once you are done with him, let’s head through that door.

Hm. A storage room. Full of Zombie Dogs. Interesting.

Well, in this room, there are quite a few dogs in here, and they usually go down in four strikes or so.

This shouldn’t be too hard to do, but if you are having a little trouble, try making them charge at you first, but make sure you are in a relatively open area, with a little room to back up.

Head all the way to the right, killing all the Dogs that you see, and once you kill the last one, at “Tip” will pop up, informing you that you are done. Head back the way you came to the Elder.

Once you get back to the Elder, he’ll praise you, and you’ll suddenly gain a level.

If you’ll let me, I’ll give you a little advice on what to spend you hard-earned three skill points on. Here’s rule number one: When buying skills, which happens later, Don’t spend too many points on anything other than “Aura Sheild”, “Power Attack”, and “Turn Undead”. Trust me on this one. I’m not going to tell you why, but you’ll regret it if you pump all your skill points into some other skill, like Judgement. I know I was.

Now, back to what to spend THESE three skill points on.

I recommend you pump all three into Strength. This will make your attacks a little bit stronger, which will help in the near future.

After you’ve spent these points, exit the Upgrade screen, and you’ll watch another cutscene.

When we rejoin Auron, he’s much older, but still training with the Elder.

Whoah, what was that crashing? Apparently, it’s “time”. The Elder says to head up those stairs, so do just that.

Once you enter the door at the top of the steps, go through the door with a cross on it. Collect the two potions on the floor, and then head to the right. There is some sort of alter there, and there is a sword in it. Walk up to the sword, and Auron will pull it out of the stone.

SHING…Whoah! After a short cutscene…Your Auron has Evolved! [/Pokemon Reference] Anyway, now, Auron’s hair is blue, and you are wearing a different outfit. Also, you now can access the “Aura Shield” Spell. Also, you gained a level! Go to the upgrade screen, and I’ll give you some advice on what to level, again.

Put one point in “Aura Shield”, One point in “Health”, and One point in “’Aura”. Exit the Upgrade screen, and head back through the door on your left.

Uh-oh. Zombies. [Damn Zombies.] If you’ve upgraded like I told you to, it should only take three strikes to take down each of these zombies. There are quite a few of them, and if you lose a lot of Health, feel free to use a Health Potion. Don’t worry, we’ll get more soon.

Alright, now, once you’ve killed all the Zombies again, keep heading left. There’s a Health Potion here, [Told you we’d get more.] and you should have gained a level by now.

Here’s what to upgrade: Put two points in Aura, and One point in Strength. Get back to the game. Head up those stairs to your left, and watch yet another cutscene.

As you’ve learned from that cutscene, theres more Zombies. Those damn zombies just keep coming, don’t they? Anyway, we come back to the game inside some ruined building. Exit the building, but then look behind it, there should be a Health Potion here. If you haven’t used any yet, you should have three, which means you can’t carry any more. Now, start heading right, to confront – You guessed it – More zombies. Wonderful.

Wahey! Aren’t those those Zombie Dogs from back when Auron was a little kid? Indeed they are. Ahh…Memories.

Now, keep heading right after killing those dogs, they should go down in two or three strikes. Another zombie dog, and one zombie. Kill them, and keep going. A couple more zombies are here, just begging to be beheaded. Go ahead. Kill them. You know you want to.
After that, go right some more. [Wow, Shocker.]

Another Zombie dog, and a zombie are both here. Kill them, but don’t proceed just yet. You’ve just gained a level, here’s what to upgrade:

One point in Aura Blast (Just to unlock it.), Two points in Health, and one point in Strength. I know you think we’re over upgrading strength, but that will come in handy when you are fighting those bosses. Trust me on that one.

Go ahead and proceed to the right some more to find four more zombies, a Zombie Dog, and an Aura potion. Kill the zombies and collect the potion. Head right. Kill the Zombies in your path, and proceed to find a couple zombie dogs, kill them, and stop. You gained another level, here’s what to upgrade:

One point in Shockwave, and Three points in Aura.

Get going to the right again, and you might be a little surprised at what you’ll find here…Six more zombies. After you decapitate them, keep going, Kill the next set of zombies, and pick up the Aura potion, and keep heading right. Kill these next three zombies (You might only see one, but go right two more steps.) and you’ve gained a level. Go to the upgrade menu, and here’s what to upgrade:

Three points in Dexterity, and One point in Strength.

Head right, and kill any zombies you come across, and head right again. Grab the potion if you need it, but get ready, here’s your first boss battle, and in my opinion, one of the hardest. It’s a giant undead ogre type thing. But don’t be daunted by his hulking figure, you’ll behead him in the end.

Here are some tips for this battle: Repeatedly Jump Strike him, and always be in the air when he jumps. If you don’t, you’ll get knocked down. Also, if you stay in his face for a while, he’ll punch you, so be careful. I recommend using the “Shockwave” ability as much as you can in this battle, it can dish out some damage. If you run out of Aura, feel free to use an Aura potion or two. You’ll probably be using one or two, or possible all three Health potions in this battle.

Anyway, once you wipe him out, a cutscene will ensue. You’ll get some magical armor, and access to the “Flight” ability. [Never, Ever put any points into this.]

Sneak up behind him, while he still think’s you’re dead, and strike him once or twice. He’ll go down, without a head. Be careful, if he falls on you when he dies, you’ll take some damage.

You gained a level, here’s what to upgrade: One point in Dexterity, One point in Health, and Two in Power Attack. [That Power Attack is extremely helpful in Boss Battles. It’s a godsend.]

Alright, we killed the first boss! [Insert congratulatory speech here.]

So, time to move on. We’ve got this shiny new armor, which can make us fly. Wee. =P.

Run to the right, Pick up the health potion, keep going, killing all the zombies as you go. When you get to the first pile of wood, or whenever you gain a level, stop, and I’ll tell you what to upgrade:

Two points in Health, Two points in Power Attack.

Keep going right, and, Uh-oh, A tower, with an archer, and some zombies on the ground. Kill the zombies as quickly as you can, then hide behind the Archer tower. Archers are your worst enemy in this game, they are annoying. You are supposed to fly up onto the archer tower, and kill them, but I don’t normally do that, I use a different spell, but we don’t have access to that just yet, so we have no other option except to kill them the old fashioned way. Do so, and keep heading right after you’ve killed them. There are a couple more zombies here, make quick work of them, and proceed. More zombies, and more archers. Try to kill these two zombies as quickly as possible, and then hide behind the first archer tower, and fly up, kill the first archer, then quickly fly over to the second tower, and kill him too. Then stop, and I’ll tell you what to upgrade, since you’ve gained a level.

Five points in “Turn Undead”. [Trust me, this skill is VERY helpful, especially with archers.]

Now, proceed, and see that big mob of Zombies? I think it’s time to try out our new spell. Switch to “Turn Undead”, and when the whole mob of zombies is on your screen hold down the spell button, and you will see the zombies twitch. Every second you spend holding down that spell is another bit of pain those zombies suffer. Just hold down the button until they all die. Isn’t it a miraculous spell? Although it’s a bit Aura intensive, so stand where you are, and let your Aura recharge a little. Then, move forward. There’s a Blue Potion there if you need it, if not, keep going to see those archer towers. Again. Here’s where our new spell really comes in handy; Stand behind the archer tower, like usual, then hold down the “Turn Undead” spell a second or two, then jump, and at the peak of your jump, perfor a “Jump Strike”. That should take out the archers. Keep moving down, to the bottom of the screen, repeating for each tower, and if there is still one zombie you can’t reach with your jump strike, hold “Turn Undead” until it dies. Then, fly over the towers, kill these two zombies, and I’ll tell you what to upgrade, YOU LEVELED UP!...AGAIN!

One point in Turn Undead, Two points in Health, and Two points in Aura.

Now, we can head right some more. More archers and a barricade of boxes. Not to mention those normal Zombies on the ground. Woopee. Kill these ground zombies, and hide in between the first two archers. Use that good old Archer killing technique that I taught you above. Repeat for all these archers.

Now, fly up onto the last tower if you need an Aura Potion, and collect it, if not, move to the right. Oh joy. Zombies. After you kill these, keep heading right to encounter two more groups of Zombies, and then you level up. Here’s what to upgrade:

Two points in Aura, Two points in Health, and One point in Dexterity.

Move on, great Paladin. To the right, of course. Ah, a cutscene. We were due for one of these for a while. Apparently, a crow knows where Radiel (The evil sorcerer) is, so let’s let him come with us for now. (Not like we have any other choice.) Once it gives us control again, head right a few steps, and kill these zombies. Rinse and repeat. As you can see, this crow does a little damage, and talks a lot. I suggest you turn down the “Voice” volume, as it gets annoying after a while. Head right. Archers. Just hold down the “Turn Undead” spell to kill them. Walk between the towers, to encounter more zombies. Didn’t see that coming.

Kill these zombies, as usual. Head right, as usual. After this little Zombie, stop, and I’ll tell you what to upgrade! [By the way, there’s an Aura potion there, if you need it.]

Two points in Power Attack, and Three points in Aura. [You’ve maxed out Aura!]

Now head right, and kill these archers/zombies as usual. Once you get to the piles of wood, keep going. =P.

An archer? On the ground? That’s new. Anyway, keep going, and kill all the zombies you see, and enter the cave. You can only enter the cave if you’ve killed all the enemies, though.

Once we get inside, head right. Whoah, Skeletons? That’s new as well. Kill these guys, then head for the upgrade menu! Here’s what you need to upgrade:

Three points in Health, Two points in Power Attack. [You maxed out Health!]

Now, head right some more. Kill these guys, nab the potion, keep going, kill these guys at the bottom of the stairs. Next, head to the right, some MORE. Kill this little mob of skeletons, and grab the Blue Potion. Head right a little more. Kill all these skeletons. You leveled up, so here’s what you need to upgrade:

Two points in Power Attack, and Three points in Strength. [You maxed out Power Attack!]

I know you don’t use Power attack too much, but you will soon, you will…

Move right.Kill all the guys you see while you head up the stairs, and once you kill the guys at the top, stop. There’s a huge gap there. Fly over that, and kill the skeletons on the other side. This part is pretty hard. There’s a lot of archers here, so take care of them as quickly as possible, don’t be scared to use a potion or two if needed. After you kill them all, stop. Upgrade time!

Four points in Strength, One point in Dexterity. [You maxed out Strength!]

Kill two and drop down the gap. You’ll lose a lot of health when you land, so stand still for a minute to regain your health, or use a potion, whichever works best for you. Anyway, head right, and kill these guys. [You can kill them in two strikes now.]

After those three, keep going, snag the Aura Potion, and kill the two archers. Head up the stairs, killing as you go. Once you get to the top, stop. Grab the red potion, switch your spell to the “Turn Undead” spell, and stand still until you are fully healed. Go through that door, and prepare for a fairly tough boss battle. As soon as you enter, wait for one full second until the skeletons start closing in. Then hold down the “Turn Undead” spell until they all die. Then, the boss enters. Here’s the strategy:

Use Power Attack on the boss two or three times, and when he heals a couple skeletons, take them out with standard attacks. Repeat this over and over until the boss dies. Use whatever potion you need to, but it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have to use a Blue Potion or two. Also, here’s one more tip: Whenever the boss turns green, POWER ATTACK HIM. If you don’t, he’ll heal those skeletons back to life. Again.

After you kill it, a cutscene will ensue, and an interesting one at that. Radiel killed your bird friend, caged you, turned the Elder into a zombie, and is making him attack you. Oh joy.

Well, as soon as you enter the battle, open the upgrade screen. You’ve leveled up. Here’s what you need to upgrade:

Five points in Speed.

Trust me, you’ll need that speed boost for the battle ahead.

This battle is a tough one, or it was for me. You are in a cage, and the zombie Elder is constantly coming after you, trying to bite your neck and suck your life. You can’t damage the Elder unless you take down Radiel’s hold on the Elder. The yellow bar of the Elder’s life represents that. It can only be taken down by magic attacks, so switch to the good old Power Attack. Remember how you killed those Zombie Dogs back at the beginning of the game? Essentially, it’s the same technique. You need to Power Attack, back up, Power Attack, back up, and after you get backed up all the way to the wall, run around the Elder, and start moving backwards the other way. After you’ve broken the hold, the Elder will become limp and hunch over. This is your chance to strike. Power Attack like crazy. Eventually, Radiel will renew his hold on the Elder, and you’ll have to repeat the process. Try not to use any potions in this battle, other than Aura Potions, because we’ll need them later, but don’t let that stop you if it is needed.

After you kill the Elder, another cutscene will happen. After you watch it, you know you’re in deep. You’ve got to fight Radiel, that evil sorcerer. As soon as you get control, open the upgrade screen, and let me tell you what you should upgrade:

Two points in Aura Sheild, One point in Dexterity, and Two points in Speed.

Ach, here comes Radiel. Here’s the strategy you need to use:

Alright, this is a rather complicated Boss Battle, as Radiel can drain your health, drain your Aura, attack you from a distance, and teleport. As soon as you see a blue or red beam heading towards you, Hold up your Aura Shield. This will negate the effect of the Draining Beams, and since you have fully upgraded your Aura, the Aura Shield spell uses virtually no Aura. Anyway, once that beam attack stops, start running toward Radiel, using the Shield as necessary. Once you get up close, Power Attack like mad. [ I told you that attack comes in handy during Boss Battles.] After you attack him once or twice, he’ll teleport to the other side of the screen. This is the part where you repeat the tactic. After doing this several times, another cutscene will trigger.

Great. You didn’t kill him. He called his giant Bone Dragon, and now you have to take this battle to the skies. Luckily, in this battle, Auron is so angry, we have unlimited Aura! This is a complicated boss battle, but you need to essentially use the same strategy as you did with Radiel; Use Aura Shield, get up close, Power Attack. It’s a hard boss battle, I’m not going to deny that, but I don’t have much of a strategy for it, other than use the same one as you did with Radiel. There aren’t too many strategies anyway, because you can only use three spells while in flight. Oh, and did I mention you only have one minute to kill it? No? Well know you know.

After you kill the Bone Dragon, another cutscene is triggered. Guess what? When you fell, your sword cut your arm off. Fantastic. Isn’t that just great news? Now, we only have access to two spells: Shockwave, and Power Attack [Thank God.]. Just head right, and mow down those zombies. You may notice, now that you have one less hand, you are a lot slower. That’s why we’ve upgraded speed lately. After you kill those guys, you’ve leveled up. Here’s what to upgrade:

Three points in Speed, and the rest in Dexterity.

Now, head right, killing Zombies as you go. Potions are plentiful on this stretch, so grab them if you need them. Once you head far enough right, Radiel will be standing there. Just get up close, and Power Attack once or twice, to trigger a Cutscene. This is a creepy one. You stab Radiel in the chest, and he starts puking up shadow, so to speak. Now, that is the real Radiel over there. Time to kill.

Here’s the strategy: You are moving rather slow, so snake up and down the arena, dodging blasts as you go. Head towards Radiel, and once you get there, Power Attack like there’s no tomorrow. If you don’t, he’ll wrap his arm around you, and suck life out of you. Repeat this strategy, using as many potions as you need to; this is the Final Boss.

Once you finally kill him, you’ll watch the final cutscene. A rather joyous one it is, as well. After watching that, view the credits. [Biclops Games? Didn’t they make Monster’s Den?] Once you’ve finished the credits, You’re done with Paladin: The Game! You’ve beaten it on Medium mode! Congratulations! Now, you have access to the following “Cheats” for later playthroughs:
Play as Pico, Blockhead, Jay Leno, Ronald McDonald, Napoleon Dynamite, and you use the Super Speed, and Fast Attack cheats. Have fun, and if you play through on Medium again, you’ll unlock the rest of the cheats.

Well, that’s been my Paladin: The Game walkthrough, I hope you found it helpful. Suggestions/corrections are much appreciated, if you have any.

Also, Feel free to comment!

[I'm 99.9% sure I've done something wrong in this post, so let me know, and I'll fix it.]



Anonymous said...

Great review of this game! I agree perfectly with your assessment of not putting in any points for flying since the controls for flying are Very awkward, especially when enemies are on top of towers and you are below avoiding attacks. Garin and Biclops Games did overall a good job on this game; interesting concepts- the abilities and the overall gameplay are worth playing the game. It is unfortunate that abilities such as Flying are rough around the edges; then again Paladins don't have jet packs. 3/5 from me.

Anonymous said...

How the heck do you activate flying??? i'm at the point where you first have to fly over those archers and am getting increasingly frustrated. all my flight key does is let me jump and despite what you said i added a point to flight just to see if it would do anything and nope! nothing. i'm guessing you warned us against it to conserve points? anyway, if anyone can help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For that matter how do you even activate any of the spells?

Anonymous said...

I bet it would be a great game but i'm done. i can't stand the flight key.