Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Developer Spotlight: Coolio_Niatio


With 25 games uploaded to Kongregate so far and the majority of which are above 3 stars this developer has created multiple great rhythm based games. Some of his popular works are Streamline, Rhythm Fireworks, and Color Wars. The games have always had a deep connection with music and beat that can help you along if you can groove with it. Recently Coolio_Niatio released light bot a game that makes you think like a programmer. It's also our play of the day!

light-Bot walkthrough: In progress, I'm not going to lie I absolutely love this game and will be playing it until this damn walkthrough is done. ALso all formatting will come when this walkthrough is finished which might be tomorrow..

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Badd said...

Isn't it Coolio_Niato?