Monday, September 8, 2008

Interview with Moonkey.

This is lightsun again, this time, with an interview to Moonkey, a very famous developer. He uploaded games as Hexiom, Monter Master, etc. His newest game, Hexiom Connect, adquired some badges, and a card. Here the interview,I hope you enjoy it as I did:

lightsun:Thank you for accepting, Moonkey. First, I’d like to congratulate you, for your newest game, and the achievements/ card it won.

Moonkey:Thank you. My first time being interviewed.

lightsun:Well, now I’ll proceed to ask the first question:

When did you decided to start your carreer as flash developer?

Moonkey:About a year and a half ago I decided to try to make a living out of flash. I had done a Diploma of Multimedia the previous year which taught me the basics, and I had some prior prgramming knowledge that allowed me to pick it up quickly. I made Monster Master just for fun, mainly for my nephew who was into Yugioh at the time, and then realized that you could actually make money out of flash.. so that's what I decided to do.

lightsun:Which of the games you uploaded here is your favorite one?

Moonkey:My favourite is Paladin. It was the most challenging to make, and took a long time to finish. I'd seen Jazza's Paladin series before, so when I saw him advertising for a coder to make a game with, I knew we could make something pretty cool. It wasn't all that well received at Kong, but it was nominated for a tank award over at Newgrounds.

lightsun:When did you decide to start with Hexiom Connect?

Moonkey:A few months ago now. The game was finished for quite a while before I got around to putting on the finishing touches and releasing it. When I first thought of the idea, it wasn't meant to be a sequel to Hexiom, but I realized that the concept could be adjusted a little bit and kept the theme going.

lightsun:Do you spend any time on Kongregate?

Moonkey:Yup, I drop by all the time. I don't hang around in chat too much, but I've picked up all the cards since I first visited Kong.

lightsun:Which is your favorite game?

Moonkey: Monsters' Den has eaten up a good chunk of time, but Garin and I are brothers so I may be biased. I just finished playing through Battalion: Nemesis and liked that. I've always been a fan of turn based strategy games.

lightsun:And, finally; Are you planning to do another game, maybe another Hexiom sequel?

Moonkey:At the moment I'm working on the demo version of Brotherhood of Battle - an online strategy game that Jazza and I have been working on for most of the year. Hopefully we can have that up on Kong this week or the next. As for another Hexiom sequel, I'm not too sure. I've had an idea or two, but may be running out of room for originality with that concept.

lightsun:Thank you again for accepting this interview so kindly. Good luck, and take care.

Moonkey: Cheers :)

That was all for today, thank you Moonkey, once again!


PlatinumIce said...

Wow, Moonkey and Garin are brothers? :o

lightsun said...

I was very VERY surprised too. Maybe that was the most shocking part of the whole interview, haha.

Anonymous said...

interview with garin next?

Kriissii said...

The interview idea is cool =). maybe ask more about the games theyre making for future interviews