Thursday, June 28, 2007

Badge: Rotation Rotation Rotation

Rotation Rotation Rotation Badge
Game: RotaZion
Level: Hard (30 points)

Requirements: Score 80,000 points in hard mode in rotaZion

Alright so this game may get frustrating for some of you my highest recommendation is to calm. Just focus on collecting the shield power-up and bashing yourself into mines for 500 a-piece. Watch your meter though. Also be on the lookout for the piXtiz symbol thats worth 5000 points. Oh and collect bubbles too. For the slow rotation bubble, I'd get it if you can handle the change in rotation.


"How to Kongregate" said...

For an alternative guide (and a trick), read also "How to Kongregate: rotaZion".

Anonymous said...

You can hold down spacebar before you play and when it starts your score will rise but no bombs or bubbles will come and when you press spacebar again then every bomb will come that would have come to get those point if you hadnt done the trick.