Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Friends List

Alright so, this new friends list thats going on... its really not as user friendly. I want to know whos online more than who I added to my friends list last.

Now to everyone that has been wondering why this change occured don't fret the friends list will be back in order, or so Emily Greer says.

"yeah, we changed that because it was hard on the database. It was taking sooooo long to load the friends page for people like Koko and Commander Santa that it was affecting the performance for the whole site. We’re going to rework it so that there will be quick ways to see who’s online, who’s mutual and other things you could see on the old view, but in a more efficient way."

so everyone that might've been worried about the new friends list don't be discouraged, hopefully a fix will come soon.

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