Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kongregate is changing

"Kongregate will be receiving a major update on Tuesday, June 18th. We’ll be launching a new system of achievements. These will be a lot like challenges, except that they will not be time-limited, meaning they’ll be in a bunch of games at once, with new ones added regularly (more often than the featured developer is changed, I promise), and they won’t expire. And rather than unlocking a card in our upcoming card game, they’ll award points and little badges that will be viewable in your profile. We’ve been working on this for a long time, and we’re really excited to finally see it go live.

We’re also going to be implementing some big changes in how points are earned on Kongregate. As of Tuesday, rating games will award one point rather than five. We started with five points mostly because we wanted users to be able to accumulate points on a similar scale to developers, as uploading games awards 75 points, and we didn’t start off with many games on the site. But as it’s become easier and easier to earn points in this manner (with more games on the site), and as we introduce new ways to earn points (the new achievement system being the big one), we’re basically kicking away this crutch in favor of a high-tech, ultra-padded wheelchair. Or… something…

The change will not be retroactive—think of it as our way of saying “thanks” to our beta testers (which is basically all of you at this point). You can also heed this as a warning; feel free to rate games for five points now, as the change won’t be in effect until Tuesday.

We’re also making changes to the way points are awarded for uploading games. Basically, if your game scores above X after Y ratings, you’ll get Z points. There will likely be multiple brackets. For example, games with a rating of 4.0 after 30 ratings will earn the developer 100 points, while games with a rating of 2.5 after 30 ratings will earn the developer 20 points (Y will always be constant). Or something. We’re still finalizing the exact numbers (that was just a random example I pulled from the top of my head), so feel to suggest what you think they should be!

Also feel free to complain about the point-rating nerf, though it probably won’t change our minds."

said by Greg in the forums, so yknow its true... link

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dx0ne said...

just the idea but maybe it would be cooler to get some "user reviews" of those ideas. like ask some users(The Active Ones, uknowmsayin) how they feel about them or if and how they would do those better/other way. or just sum up from forum maybe with quoting some good ones or sth.