Thursday, July 12, 2007

Badge: Gauntlet Champion

Gauntlet Champion Badge

Game: Terrascape
Level: Medium (15 points)

Requirements: Enter the gauntlet and fend off all 35 waves of foes in Terrascape

Strategy: Jump around, kick some butt

In-Depth: Alright so what you mainly want to do here is use whichever character you feel most comfortable with, I like using the panda personally =] Then utilize your power-ups well, be sure to be able to distinguish between each one. (I might do a follow-up later on each power-up for ya)

If your ever in a situation where the enemy can't attack you, don't feel bad playing the waiting game and waiting for more power-ups to spawn, they'll help. Keep moving around if your in a tight situation and keep trying to get good power-ups, in this mode you will certainly curse the flying one. Good for coins, not fighting, unless you like shurikens and your a panda =D

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Staypoh_ said...

yep, power up's rly are main factor of winning.