Thursday, July 26, 2007

Challenge #19: Bloodsucking Shapes

Bloodsucking Shapes Challenge
Geometric figures are out for blood! Defend your courageous cursors of freedom to unlock the Cain Solomon card.

Orb Avoidance

Avoid the incoming orbs as they fly into your mouse. Touching the boxes or the orbs will mean game over for you – but if the orbs touch the boxes, it’s game over for them too! Outmanuever the orbs and force them to crash into the blocks. As you destroy more orbs, the combo bonus will rise, giving you more and more points per hit.

The conversation between my friend Eric and I went like this:Eric: “Hey jared, I have an idea for a game that would be the most annoying thing ever created on this planet.” Me: “Lets make that!” Ever wanted to play a game? Ever wanted to play another game? Well now you can do both! AT THE SAME TIME! You might even cry a little. Who knows…

Kongregate Chat
by: jmtb02
I made this for users who don’t want to play a game, but still want to chat. Yes, there’s a small game built in, but really it’s just there so you can use the chatroom at full size and at fast load time

The Challenge

Stars!Stars are like snowflakes; each one is unique, but each one is also equal in its thirst for blood. Dodge 200 stars in Kongregate Chat. Send your score (button is in the upper-right) AFTER you've dodged 200 stars.
So basically the object is to just dodge, remember the Kongregate Chat badge? yea do that just longer =D

Circles!Like a swarm of locusts, the circles come for your soul... and, uh, your crops. Use the enemy's shape against it by moving the mouse in a circular pattern to score 5,000 points in Orb Avoidance.
Wait is that what I think it is in the description? It is, a hint of strategy, yes basically you'll want to move your mouse around in a circle around those blocks and run those nasty little orbs into them. 5000 doesn't take too long, just fill up the meter on the side, and you should have enough soon. You've got to die for the score to submit
Triangles!Forget your childhood fairy tales; "three" is a number of pure evil. Survive the onslaught long enough to score 5,000 points in Triangles.
Hmm, yknow what would be the easiest way to do this one, have a friend over watching one side. That'll put the game down to wow this is numbingly easy. If you try it by yourself just hope you've got good reaction skills although 5k is easy to work up to.


Ooh a vampire! sweet juicy delectable blood, err I mean, YAYS!

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