Monday, July 23, 2007

Platform Racing Tips and Tricks

Well, one day I was bored and... Yeah, whatever. So, here are some tips and tricks for jiggmin's newest (although not new) game, Platform Racing.


Newbieland - Do I really have to say anything about this level?

Buto - There are several ways to go about this level. At the beginning, you can hop up the powerup blocks, teleport through the wall, superjump or use the superjump item, get the jetpack, or another method to be mentioned later in Infernal Hop. Due to all the powerup blocks, you can easily delay others with lightning or the laser. After the wall, the level is pretty easy. Just don't fall down the pits.

Pyramids - Jetpack and superjump are wonderful in this level. Just keep jumping and jumping, taking time to get powerups if you want. While jumping on the single blocks over the pit, jump carefully and don't misjudge the distance. At the second gap, you should be able to jump over it onto the next pyramid if you get a running start. If not, just superjump or use a jetpack if you still have one.

Robocity - For the first half, you can either go over you use the jump blocks. Slow down just enough to grab the first powerup, if you wish. Also, you can jump over the two left-blocks or jump quickly on them, whichever is easier. At the bottom level, avoud getting jumped on or hit with a laser, as you will be pushed back. Jetpacks are useful here; save them for this situation.

Well, I guess I'll finish this later. Lazy, aren't I?


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