Monday, July 23, 2007

Badge: Rhythm Prodigy

Rhythm Prodigy Badge
Game: Streamline
Level: Impossible (60 points)

Requirements: Don't lose a single life in Streamline

Strategy: Dodge dodge, oh and umm dodge to the beat!

In-Depth Strategy: I would check out some videos, like so.


i9000 said...

I found this glitch hilarious because no game is designed especially for a mac: Use one of the special mac mice with only one button and click while playing (you won't lose :) then drag the mouse while clicking straight up through and out of the game the note will leave the screen. use this for all of the red cannon levels including the walls and for the yellow cannon of course very rarely a yellow ball will hit you in the off chance that it bounces directly upwards.
Note: go back into the screen and use a square pattern for the green levels. hope this helps.

oink said...

It's sort of scary, as I got the Impossible and the Hard badges in one go. I simply loaded up the game and there they were. Oh well, 90 free points.