Monday, July 2, 2007

Review#4: Platform Racing

Well in the trend of reviewing multiplayer games, Jiggmin just brought out his third. =O

This game is easily the best, it offers customizable characters, multiple servers, in-line chat, leveling up, unlockable levels, power-ups, and a crap load of Digg users =P.

I am of course talking about the great Platform Racing

Platform Racing
Average Rating: (so far) 3.98 average
By: Jiggmin

Description: Go fast. Win.

My Review:

Alright so this game offers everything we have every wished for in a flash game. It has multiplayer aspect, it contains built in chat, customization, and power-ups. This title has a great gameplay aspect, with very simple controls, D-pad to move, hold down to super jump and space uses a power-up. It makes the game easy to pick up and great to play. The only problem is that it doesn't have its own single player mode. This game's engine could very well be used to create the flash version of Mario, with more.

The style of the game is simple, get to the end, this is what I like about it. Its minimap does a great job of showing you where the people you play against (up to 4 players in a match). It also does a great job of showing you how the level is designed. I absolutely love the fact that you have to earn the right into harder rooms because it allows the game to be balanced between noobs and pros. You don't want to wait around for some noob to keep falling while you've beat the game.

Also the game sports many power-ups, including Speed, Power-jump, teleport, lightning, and jetpack. Its like Mario Kart mixed with plain old Mario. Brilliant. Jiggmin certainly hit one of the greatest ideas of all time here.

I personally love this game, and I would have to say if it had a single player, it would've been better but, alas I give it a 4/5.

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Nab said...

I'm pretty sure you get points when you finish and you can quit after you finish.