Sunday, July 1, 2007

Badge: Pants Full of Squiggles

Pants Full of Squiggles Badge
Game: The Fancy Pants Adventure
Level: Easy (5 points)

Requirements: Finish a level with 100 squiggles in your pants in The Fancy Pants Adventures

Strategy: Collect Squiggles then GTFO

In-Depth Strategy: Alright what you want to aim to do in the beginning of the game is just go after as many squiggles as possible. Remember the green ones are worth 5. So collect those too. Also don't be afraid to go down a new path if you don't have enough squiggles, open doors, go down boxes, you'll get squiggles everywhere. Alright so once you get enough squiggles it'd probably be a good idea just to run the heck right out of the level. This way you'll have your badge faster and you'll get your delicious 5 points.


Jim Greer said...

I'm the one who made this badge - I thought there should be one nice easy one!

FRAGM3NT said...

haha thanks Jim, my girlfriend very much appreciates it. She was so happy when she heard fancy pants had a badge because its her favorite game. Now I have the man to thank =]

Herzapplikator said...

Instead of finishing the level, you could just as well get yourself killed to get the badge. This is often the faster way, especially in level 3, where there are lots of holes to jump in. Doesn't make it any easier, but it shaves off a few seconds.