Saturday, June 30, 2007

Badge: Rings Not Passed

Rings Not Passed Badge
Game:Ring Pass Not
Difficulty: Hard ( 30 Points)

Requirements: Complete all 30 levels in Ring Pass Not

Strategy Overview: Get huge combos early. Think about your tiles and how you can use them together.

In-Depth Strategy: First of all, if you are attempting this achievement, i wish you best of luck on what I think is the hardest achievement out there. At first, this game looks like it's based off of 100% luck, but it does take a lot of skill to complete. First of all, you MUST get a huge combo at level 1, as that is the easiest level, and the blue bomb or joker that you earn WILL help you later on. Otherwise, restart and try again. The combos I'm talking about are:

Full Harmony- 4 of each symbol AND color- gets you 16 tiles, 1 joker, 1 red bomb, 1 blue bomb, 1 switch
Symbol Quadruple Harmony- 4 of each symbol: gets you 10 tiles and 1 joker
Color Quadruple Harmony- 4 of each color: gets you 9 tiles and 1 joker
Terra 9 or more- 9 or more terra tiles: gets you 2 tiles and 1 joker
Green 10 or more- 10 or more green tiles: gets you 2 tiles and 1 joker'
Doubles Triples Harmony- 3 of each color, 3 of each symbol: gets you 3 tiles and 1 blue bomb

Out of these, You really should always shoot for full harmony, since usually if you can't make it and end up getting a symbol or color quadruple harmony, USUALLY you'll have the tiles needed for doubles triples harmony as well. If you need to use a joker to get a good combo (the quadruple harmonies or full harmony), do it, since you end up getting 10 tiles and potentially a blue bomb and 3 additional tiles.

Levels 1-8 should be focused on getting as many bonuses as you can.
Levels 9-15ish should be focused primarily on surviving, although try to get as many bonuses as you can.
Levels 15+ is focused SOLELY on surviving.

You definitely NEED the bonuses you get early on to survive later levels. The limiters just become insane later on. Try moving tiles around to survive, and use the bonuses as sparingly as you can: only use them as a VERY last resort, or if you know that it's near impossible to get that specific tile, and if you have a bonus that changes one of your current tiles to that tile, do it, as you will probably need to use a more important power-up otherwise.

It requires extreme diligence to complete this challenge. I can now say that it requires more skill than luck, although luck sometimes can be a deciding factor. In a sense, the power ups basically give you better odds at drawing the tile you need, whether it increases the amount of draws you can have, or the number of tiles that you need (as in you can modify certain tiles with power-ups to get the one you need), so it's extremely important to get those modifiers. Just remember, try, try, and try again. Eventually you'll become skilled and beat this game, if you're willing to learn from your mistakes and meticulously plan every move.

Nab's table of Ring Pass Not bonuses


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A currently incomplete table of rewards are here:

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