Friday, June 29, 2007

Badge: Bubble Madness

Bubble Badge
Game: Bubble Tanks
Difficulty: Medium(15 points)

Requirements: Kill the biggest, most evil bubble monster of all the land in Bubble Tanks.

Strategy Overview: Find the biggest bubble monster and defeat it.

In-Depth Strategy: Nope,it isn't really the fighting part that is difficult,it's the leveling up part and the finding part.It would be a good idea to roam around and get the final power-up,the shield before trying to defeat the montresity.


Nab said...

I think that you just need to kill a huge bubble monster. (high scores, one is MaxHugeMonstersKilled or something)

NorthernPolarity said...

The bubble monster looks like a bubble fortress.

sphinx said...

how do you find it?

FRAGM3NT said...

Basically you have to keep searching around to find it. Its either time consuming or super fast

Cmurda said...

Josh if you keep going in one direction you'll find it in no time ^_^