Saturday, July 28, 2007

(Very) Basic Caravaneer Guide

I've noticed the lack of Caravaneer guides, and many people wanting to know what towns need and sell what. So, here is a very basic guide to the towns of Caravaneer... (I may add more things later).
Items are subject to change =P



Exports: Shoes.
Imports: Fuel, Alcohol, Food, Medicines, Textile, Gold, Clothes, Leather, Jewelry.

Fort Goks
Exports: Medicines, Alcohol, Clothes.
Imports: Fuel, Textile, Leather, Shoes, Jewelry, Food.

Exports: Cotton, Alcohol, Leather.
Imports: Fuel, Food, Medicines, Forage, Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry.

Exports: Alcohol, Clothes.
Imports: Food, Textile, Fuel, Medicines, Shoes, Jewelry, Crude Oil.

Exports: Medicines.
Imports: Fuel, Forage, Alcohol, Food, Leather, Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry.

Exports: Clothes, Food, Medicines.
Imports: Textile, Forage, Fuel, Alcohol, Shoes, Jewelry.

Exports: Fuel (thanks n00b).
Imports: Crude Oil, Food, Forage, Shoes, Jewelry, Clothes, Medicines, Alcohol


Sekir Bashka

Exports: Forage, Food, Medicines.
Imports: Fuel, Alcohol, Clothes, Shoes.

Abu Kirdyk
Exports: Food, Medicines.
Imports: Fuel, Alcohol, Shoes.

Exports: Cotton, Food, Forage.
Imports: Alcohol, Medicines, Clothes, Shoes.


Exports: Cotton, Food, Medicines.
Imports: Alcohol, Clothes, Shoes.

Poca Cosa
Exports: Food, Forage, Leather, Medicines, Shoes.
Imports: Alcohol, Clothes.

Exports: Food, Medicines, Shoes.
Imports: Alcohol, Leather, Clothes.

Exports: Medicines, Food, Forage, Clothes.
Imports: Cotton, Alcohol, Textile, Shoes, Jewelry.


Verdammter Platz
Exports: Forage, Crude Oil.
Imports: Alcohol, Food, Fuel, Medicines, Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes.

Diep Gat
Exports: Food, Medicines, Forage.
Imports: Fuel.


n0Ob said...

Hara exports fuel. In fact going back and forth between Hara and Quabba and selling fuel in Quabba can be quite profitable. You can also buy crude oil in Quabba to sell in Hara.

Malachi said...

Oops! Thanks, I'll fix it.

Gabe said...

the imports and exports change. as cities progess, they pick up makeing new products, creating a demand in the city for new imports. so not all the citys are accurate for everyone. For example, i just started and Porta Costas imports are: Alcohol, medicines, clothes. i think you have medicines listed as an export, so that means in your game they develioped makeing meds before you checked all the towns resources. if you read the news, it tells you important things: what town is in desperate need of what, any towns that started up makeing somehting, if so what they newly need for that buisness, etc.

Player_03 said...

Okaidi exports textile, at least in my game (81525 units/month). I'd suggest changing that, because otherwise no one will know where to buy textile.

player_03 said...

Also, I'd like to submit a few working routes, how much they pay, and what kind of resistance they have.

Route: Poca Cosa (buy leather) -> Caganal (buy shoes) -> Drushlak (buy nothing)
Money: Pays under 3000 per round.
Resistance: 2-4 robbers with poor weapons and training.

Route: Drushlak (optionally, buy cotton) -> Okaidi (buy clothes)
Money: Pays under 2000 per round, but the robbers can get you over 2000 if there are a bunch of them.
Resistance: 5-7 robbers with katanas mostly, though I have encountered some unarmed groups which did nothing and were easily killed.

(more to come)

player_03 said...

Update: actually, I don't suggest number 2, because it doesn't seem to pay out. Sometimes, you can lose money buying and selling clothes. It still has decent-paying robbers who can be easily beaten with M1 Garands.

tuyop said...

The gamebreaking route in my game was Abu Kerdyk to Quabba. Gold was selling for .71 per gram or something at Abu Kerdyk, and selling for 4.50 at Quabba or something. Two runs with ATV's and I've got a hummer and three snipers. Yup.

Anonymous said...

How do you win the game. I have an army, every one has snipers. But can´t make the sherif tell were is the robbers hide. And for some reazon all the vehicles have dissapperd. Now there are no sheeps for sale neithe ATV´s, so I am stuck with the camells.

Can someone help me, please

Anonymous said...

above, your games is glitches, id start over

routs change constantly i believe in this respect that all guids are flawed in this way. id sugest u save space for campain guides.

for the sake of routes tho
1) diep gat>>>Hara>>>Qubba
diep gat and hara are important because without that trade u will eventually run out of crude oil to make fuel

Anonymous said...

n0ob, you were totally right. I'm making trips from Harra to Qubba and I'm making a fortune.

Dustin said...

In my game I made a million trading alcohol from neighbouring towns to Qubba. Bought 8 hummers and an army decked out in armour and carrying the best weapons. Very easy to do. Fuel trading is not a good way to make money because fuel and crude take up a lot of space.

There is also a bug that sometimes allows you to sell items in a town for more than you bought them in that town. You can repeat trades for a long time. Earned me my first 50,000.

Anonymous said...

dustin, thanks so much dude! I'm buying alchol in Smerd and selling it in Qubba and making like $200,000 per trip

Anonymous said...

wanna be rich? first start normally, sell leather to caganel, then shoes to druidisomething etc. buy max 2 men and a decent rifle (m1 garand is fine) and take the katanas the robbers drop. then, when u fill confident enough(safe in caganel!) then go to verdammer platz, then diep gat and save there.(if u die load from caganel)go to qubba(u can stop in nearby towns for supplies) and go to thje government. talk to the guy there and tell him that the desert patrols are a bunch of bastards(just choose the options that do not make u leave) and he'll give u a mission for 50k, but tell him for 100k and he'll accept, do his mission (its SO easy) adn bang!

Anonymous said...

100k is CHUMP CHANGE for a real caravaneer. Do the sheriff route, then trade luxury goods to Okaidi, then trade luxury goods to Verdammder Platz, then go up to Qubba (with good weaponry and armour, a fair amount of men) and trade alcohol from Fort Goks to Qubba. Once you have a lot of money, buy Hummers and trade Fuel from Hara to Qubba, and Crude Oil from Qubba to Hara, that way Hara never stops producing fuel, which means you never run out of fuel.
Buy military armour and sniper rifles for everyone, and give RPGs to people who can hold the RPG + at least 2 rockets and a secondary weapon (M4/Sniper)

Anonymous said...

^That's me^

I have more than 10,000,000 in cash, and probably more than that stashed in ammo, weapons, armour, and cars.

DO NOT DO THE GOVERNMENT MISSION otherwise the police and the robbers will still exist. Do the Desert Patrol mission and you get a much bigger payout.

Anonymous said...

who do i go to for desert patrol because he says to get some1 to say somthing good about me

Anonymous said...

^you have to go back to the sherrif and ask him^

Anonymous said...

where were we meant to take th bloke? i wasnt payin attention nd nw cnt find out wot it was, lol

Hunter said...

I think the most profitable route is the Fort Goks - Qubba route. I came there two horsse-drawn countryside carts and after three runs I was able to buy a hummer and a couple hundred liters of fuel. It was all smooth sailing after that.

Anonymous said...

Ey guys. I found this game the most adictive game, and I love it!

I got $7m. 44 mens (70% of them with misile and 100% sniper shooter) 26 hammers and bla bla bla.

Ok. This is the story so far I got:
The Sheriff will tell you to visit an ex-robber retired at Drushlak. After you pay him around $50 or $100k, he will tell you to find the robbers-cave 113ยบ from Abu Kyrdik.
BUT! Don't even think to go with less than 35 mens. Because, you will not blow the cave, and when you get out, dozen of 20 something mens on each group will hunting you and kill your guys.
You have to get as much monkeys you can, make good money, etc.
Before go visit the officer at Verdammter Platz, he will give you 2 scoult teams that will follow you (but they will be useless, they never participate in nothing) and engineer-sniper guy. THEN you will blow the cave, THEN you PROBABLY escape hardly (as I did).
After that go back to Verda.. and talk again, he will tell you to exterminate CARAVAN X that provides QUBBA from the 2 NE towns with GOLD.
After you exterminate, INMEDIATELLY you'll become State Enemy (BUT NOT desert Troopers enemy, they're your ally so far you don't kill any other caravaneers).
Your friend at Verda... will tell you to find a Hot-Chick at Fort Goks (house) and she will find a passport, you get that passport and go to Smerd to FAKE IT. After that you can get acces to the Fort at FORT GOKS, BUT!!! don't visit the COLONEL OFFICE!!!, go visit your friend at Verda... and from there you go visit an old retired guy at Diep Gat, talk and talk come back to Verda...get the book for exchange, go back to that old man, he gives you THE book for the atomic misile, and go back to the FORT at FORT GOKS....
I'm in that point, I have to figure the rest out.
Wish help this a lot to you. It take me a lot of nighttime hours, almost a divorce (hahaha) but I'm there. SECRET: keep saving the game in every important point, get those 6 saved file diferent all the time, to come back if you loose.

Anonymous said...


Some point to consider:

It happened to me that:

* Software have some bugs.

a- it can repeat the last action many times, also, it will shows like you win the battle with the first shot. OR worse, A police team can charge you $1000 many times in that endless loop.

Sometime you have to save in a file, end game, load back, and it'd fix it.
If that happens to you, get at least only money, be careful don't get to vicious to load other stuff, you'll get overload and stop you in the middle of the desert, and, IF YOU ARE BEING HUNTING, THEY WOULD CATCH YOU.

b- Don't confuse message when they popup, if you hit by mistake to ATTACK A CARAVAN instead to CANCEL, you just went to the wrong end and get DESERT PATROL against you all the time from then on, if you did, come back to the last save file. They should be your friends, they will clean robbers in their way.

c- Desert Patrols and Police are armed with the best weapons: missiles, grenade, machine gun. BUT, when you become Police (State) enemy, it will good to get their missiles, grenade, Amms.
But try to AVOID THEM as much as possible, a mistake and you will lost some men stupidly.
Sometimes, with few men, they start shooting, after few of you did, OR they can be SO CLOSE, and it will be a mess.

Always, in every time you can, go to CARAVAN and check:
-Available load
These are the most important parameters to consider, if you don't keep track before you jump to the desert, you will stuck and loose.

Always also check every people you have in the caravan to see if they have enough ammunitions (every time BEFORE to attack HIT button --distribute armor--).

Besides, I.E: if some of your guys got shot and loose some health, it will affect their load capacity and sometime you have to release some weight (guns/amm) to get to their new LOWER max load.

As game evolve, get as much ARMOR protection as you can, it start in 30 point up to 60 extra point to their body. It will also depend of the team LOAD capacity.

Best weapon from top to bottom (I use):

A-WAY TO HEAVY: 6.7+1X 6.7 (1 missile!) 14Kg + 1 armor, low accuracy (25), need a guy with min. 26 load, sniper higher than 100 to hit someone at the other end of the fight arena. It so disappointing to see missile goes away and you'll need it badly. You can adjust this a little, not in the middle of whoever you'd shoot, try a little left or right OR if it is close to a car, if you hit a car it will blow whoever are close to it too or hurt them badly. This is a GOOD point to consider.

B-Other rocket launchers are good on price and accuracy the same.

C-M40A3 (expensive, but the best) HEAVY 7.5KG but deadly. The best after missiles. You don't need to much sniper points, 3 AP required every shot. Same for: M24 SWS, a little lighter.

D-M4 (the best in its class) lightweight 2.5kg, it can be the best 2nd weapon to carry, 2AP min. (best 3) for a monkey with 15 AP, and a min. of 80 sniper, it kills up to the other side of the arena!!
Then: M14, M16.

E- AK 47 light, few AP, good as 2nd weapon.
I use this type because (Important) you have to watch out for ammunition. All these weapons I recommend (except missiles) use only 3 types of Amm.

If you combine any of these above with AK47, in case you forgot to buy those type of Amm, AK47 use different Amm. and get this Weapon as a backup one.

The other use 5.5 or 7.6 NATO Amm.

So you simplify your life.

Forget about the rest (weapons).
These are useful when enemy are too close, and you DON'T WANT THAT.

Also, when you kill, pickup their Amm, be careful with the weight!!

Don't get too enthusiastic to get every stuff you find, most no city will buy it too much, actually just few, few times.

Yes, get those animals (at low level game) or cars (at higher) IF you have enough (forage, gas). Also check their max. speed. If you have car/s = 20Km/h a gray motorcycle is 15Km/h, it will slow you down. Same for animals. Animals doesn't need a driver, you can pick them up as much as you want.

CARTS (no CARS) can be ONLY PULL by ANIMALS !! (any type!)

Then, CARS WON'T PULL NOTHING, they load stuff on its own.

Also watch out for x Men <-> x Cars

Means, 4 men & 5 Cars will STOP YOU right there until you get rid of 1 car, dangerous when you are being hunt.

But the good thing, it will give you a lot of money to sell them later at the NORTHWESTERN cities.

Buy also Doctor Kits, Vet Kits or Mechanic Kits as needed, check statistic at Caravan MAIN screen.

What to buy/sell:

After you got some time in the game, no as a beginner:

Buy Gas $0.7 sell $4.xx, Shoes: $21, $112 (each pair 1kg), Clothes: $8,$32. gold $7, $42. The best: Jewelry: $712, $4300
(This are average numbers)

Medicine: (in grams) $0.38, $1.21 you can buy thousands without affect your load capability.

Along way with driving here there, think to provide cities with their need, so it will develop more stuff cheaper.

HARA and SMERD produce Gas, and YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE them with CRUDE OIL, if not, they WILL STOP producing GAS, and you'll run out of it, dangerous!

Don't be so confident in your needs at the open desert!

TAKE CARE OF YOUR PEOPLE, specially those that are so valuable for you, there are not too much people on the whole map, and there are around 10 you NEVER get as your team (too low AP, too low load, or too low sniper). RETREAT YOUR GUYS THAT ARE FAR AT FRONT OF YOUR VEHICLES!!

If you have enough AP, you can shoot, and then back him/her up.

Protect your highest sniper guys with good armor and use their feature with the best weapon<->AP.

A 9 AP guy can be useful just for MISSILE.

A 15 AP or more is ideal for light, hight or middle accuracy weapon would be enough to be so effective.

I got a chinese old woman with 17 Ap, she shoot MISILES (2) and hit 3 AP 100% accuracy weapon, and do jogging on the sand!!! (hahaha) She is my superwoman!

What to kill first:

1- Missile Launcher (you'll identify them as they carry a long white pole under their right arm) pay attention at the tiny enemy, I got confuse and it cost me!

Kill'em immediately, if not, at their turn will blow some of yours guys together in 1 shot. (The same if you have those)

2- grenade Launcher, a fatty guy that looks like he doesn't have weapon and just 'half' arm on his sides. Keep it far away dead.

3- Machine Gun man (it shows an almost invisible foot-stand in the middle of his weapon.

4- Any other, they don't hurt too much, if you keep them away.

Keep more people in your team than theirs.

It will give you the advance to start shooting more times before they start.

You can control how your team heal themselves at CARAVAN MAIN screen.

If you have some guys badly hurt, put it ONLY GRAVELY WOUNDED, so other with small scratch wont get heal attention.

That's all.

You are on your own. ENJOY IT!!!

Anonymous said...


hahaha, I forgot some points:

If you have a guy with low sniper (below 50) BE VERY CAREFUL when you shoot if you have some of your team at front! Should I say specially when you shoot missiles???

Be careful with:

* team member with kind of camouflage clothes that you confuse with the sand, check those spot on the arena are not a member!

* The ANGLE you shoot, sometime I HAVE to shoot even in the middle of my crowded team a.s.a.p. Or with other members at front of him/her.

So I check first the bullet can pass through my partners and hit the enemy (sadly I hurt/kill few of them...) but if you do it carefully and learn, it's ok, and many times YOU'LL NEED TO DO IT.

Again, extra care with MISSILE!!
Don't trust missile to guy with low sniper points. I bullet on other team member won't hurt it too much.

Sometime your people are mostly stuck each other.

So start to walk them away, and ALWAYS LEAVE A PLACE THAT MAKES A SIDEWALK FOR THE REST TO GET OUT FROM THE STUCK, even if it cost you lost AP<->shoot. If you close line on front you WILL LOST DEADLY TIME AND AP.

To get those enemies behind their cars, shoot them with missiles, there is not other weapon, well at least if you shoot them with wide angle location.

I had a badly hurt monkey I had to cover him up behind a vehicle, and get him out every time he need to shoot, and put him back again, this will keep him alive on that battle.

Not even a missile will damage 100% a vehicle (maybe an animal) so just shoot them! Then if you pick it up, you can fix it in the nearest city.

When you are picking them up, choose those with the less damage, of course. REMEMBER PICKUP NOT MORE VEHICLES THAN TOTAL TEAM MEMBERS!


The best: Hammer (1800kg load, 26 L/Km, driver+4= 5 people)
The normal: the pink one.
The less: green jeep.


you only will need donkey until you jump to cars, don't waste your money on nothing else.
Cheaper and can carry 160kg carTs with 1200 Kg load. Good enough.

At beginning get glass bottle, then jump to plastic big containers.

Hell, that's all....

Anonymous said...

The easiest way (but can also be quite dangerous) to make money in the game is Hara ---> Abu Kirdyk ---> Qubba.
1. Go to Hara and buy as much fuel as you can.
2. Go to Abu Kirdyk and sell as much as you can.(Keep in mind you need some for the travel back)
3. Wait. Every 24 at a single point(mine was 02:00) Abu Kirdyk will produce around 782g of gold for around 500L of fuel.
4. Take the gold to Qubba and again wait. Every 24 hours the some gold will turn into Jewlery.
5. Buy the Jewlery from Qubba for around 800-1100 gold and you can sell it in every city for 2-4000 then. The best part is that after selling it for 4000 you can buy it back for 800-1100 from the same place and sell it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

wat happen to my game i can't buy eny cars or animals eny were plz help

Anonymous said...

I do not recommend horses at all if you have carts. They are only 5km/hour vs 3km/hour but they use up nearly 2.5 times as much water-forage. Best to stick with camels/mules. They may be slow but need less care. Of course if you are being chased, mules... not the best! lol

Anonymous said...

hello, I'm Leonard...

may i suggest you a route??
okay, first, do the route that the sheriff suggest, then , when shoes price at durshlak is $21, grab all shoes as many as you can and sell it at okaidi.(i suggest you to use mule-countryside cart combination. its give you 500 cargo space...)you can even get $50000 with one go if you bring only 500 of them!!!!
then when you going to destroy the bunker, you can easily get money with this: buy gold at sekir basha and sell them at abu kyrdik for a big pay!!!

well, that's all.....
hope its useful for you!!!!!