Monday, July 30, 2007

Badge: Triangular Treachery

Triangular Treachery Badge
Game: Triangles
Level: Hard (30 points)

Requirements: Survive the cognitive onslaught long enough to score 25,000 points in Triangles

Strategy Overview: Multi task while staying on your side!

In-Depth Strategy: Try not to just focus on just one window, that's when you'll mess up on the other. To accomplish this, try sitting back further from the screen than you normally would.

At the start of the game, the keyboard window will see triangles coming from the left side, and the mouse window will see them falling from the top. To give yourself the most time possible to react, stay on the opposite side that the triangles are coming from. Try not to get lost in the barrage of shapes by weaving in and out, just stay on the wall... It makes things easier, trust me.

When the rotation happens, only focus on your mouse, your keyboard window will be fine. In fact, the rotation will put it right where you want it! Just move your cursor to the wall clockwise of the one you were just on... Dodging triangles while doing so of course!

When you get better at this, you'll find that when it gets around 20k, it gets hard. Just keep trying, and you'll get past it.

Oh, and if you are confined to a touchpad like I was, don't feel like your out of it... hey, if I did it, so can you!


Anonymous said...

if you're having trouble beating it, just borrow a friend for a few minutes and put him in charge of the mouse side, while you do keyboard ;O

NorthernPolarity said...

I can confirm that strategy working :P Just make sure both of you pay attention.

FRAGM3NT said...

I came up with this badges name =D